Notes on Wild Shape

So, I’ve gotten a little lazy on the druid department since my current campaign doesn’t have one, and I’m a bard in a game where we do have one (go wife!). A critter on Twitter pointed out that Keyleth seemed to be expending a lot of uses of Wild Shape, and was wondering if she had more than two uses. Here is what was found, by the combined efforts of @HuynhLinda and @Herkyavello:

In 5e, all druids with shape-changing abilities get two uses, period. The class doesn’t get any room to increase that, nor does DMG have any built-in items (though a DM could create it, if they thought it would work). This makes sense, as the ability to turn into an Earth Elemental twice during a battle would be kind of broken.

The bright side of this is that 5e allows druids to regain both uses after a short rest. This prevents PCs from spamming it in the middle of combat without severely hindering them over the course of a day’s work.

I found that Pathfinder does allow increased uses at certain levels (e.g., 5 uses at level 12). Since the crew is coming over from Pathfinder, I figure this is also plausible, but after rewatching Keyleth’s uses in both Ep21 and Ep5, it appears they are indeed still following the rules laid out in 5e.

Thanks again to @HuynhLinda and @Herkyavello for making me learn something!