O’Brien One-Shot Masterpost

When the DM’s away, the rogue shall play! Liam usurped the DM’s chair last week to take Travis, Laura, Taliesin, and Sam on a terrifying (and slightly meta) adventure through the apocalypse. We received a few asks about it, so we’ve combined them all into a single master post here. Thanks to @pettyartist on Twitter for the art!

Radiated Nipples

Anonymous asked: During Liam’s One Shot how many times were the words “Radiation” and “Nipple” said?

Uses of “Radiation”: 3

  • Liam (0:25:41): “You wonder ‘is this what radiation feels like?’”

  • Liam (0:43:57): “You can only imagine high-powered radiation, something.”

  • Sam (1:40:53): “Oh no, the radiation again.”

Uses of “Nipples”: 4, all by Liam

  • 1:00:48: “You see the round mouth of teeth come in for a second strike, clamp onto your nipple, and sink in, super sharp.”

  • 1:20:27: “You’re gonna be up to your nipples, out there, in plant.”

  • 1:29:05: “Your wounds close, your nipple heals, your headache fades…”

  • 2:03:28: “That nipple that healed? It’s cut again.”

Table Slap

Anonymous asked: I noticed a number of the players slapping the table while laughing during Liam’s game. Do you have a count of how many table slaps there were and by whom? Thanks.

The player tables took a lot of abuse during Liam’s one-shot. Here’s all the times the players slapped (or punched) the table while laughing, or out of frustration or shock, and the reason (as near as we can figure) for doing so:

Total slaps/punches: 39

  • Travis (0:12:05): Taliesin’s writing before a session because it’s anime- it “goes deep” with him.

  • Taliesin (0:26:53): Split Liam sprouting new arms and legs.

  • Travis (0:27:36): Learns he cannot get the guitar, as they are in ADR 5, not ADR 6.

  • Travis (0:28:40): “Pierce, use the coffee!”

  • Travis (0:29:08): “Are his white New Balances covered with gore?” Liam, after a pause: “They were.” Travis: “No!”

  • Travis (0:31:21): Travis discovers that his intelligence score is less than ideal.

  • Taliesin (0:35:54): An “alligator claw” rakes through the pile of gold.

  • Taliesin (0:39:12): Finds a bulk Costco-sized jar of Advil.

  • Taliesin (0:40:28): Travis and Sam make very low, yet somehow successful, dexterity checks.

  • Taliesin (0:44:38): Good roll to avoid being terrified by Cthulhu.

  • Taliesin (0:51:27): Bad initiative roll.

  • Laura (0:53:43): Sam forgot about favored terrain.

  • Sam (0:53:45): Didn’t take advantage of his favored terrain of recording studios.

  • Taliesin (0:54:42): Laura, grabbing a bar from her backpack: “It’s a Cliff Bar!” Travis, takes bar, examines it before putting it down: “No, those are good.”

  • Taliesin (1:10:18): Laura: “It already died?” Liam: “Yup.” Travis: “That’s what you get for looking at Twitter your whole session.”

  • Taliesin (1:13:23): Liam: “You may indubitably give it your best effort.”

  • Laura (1:15:52): Sam wants to know if Travis is getting paid more than him.

  • Taliesin (1:16:17): “I’m still a little upset that we talked about eating me before the dog.” Travis: “He was covered in that goo.”

  • Taliesin (1:19:08): Taliesin falls through a step and lands hard on a tree stump.

  • Travis (1:22:50): “I’ve never been so stealthy in my life!”

  • Taliesin (1:27:36): Liam (as Ashley): “Oh hi guys!”

  • Taliesin (1:28:00) Liam (as Ashley): “Well, you know, the show is what it is…” Thanks to an anonymous critter for this one!

  • Laura (1:28:15): Ashley is raised in the air in a manner at first reminiscent of Liam from earlier.

  • Taliesin (1:28:50): Liam (as Ashley): “Only you, yea.”

  • Taliesin (1:42:48): Music crescendos, everyone freaks out a little.

  • Travis (1:43:13): Sam’s wife does not conserve water well.

  • Taliesin (1:45:15): Liam reveals that the lich is Conan O’Brien.

  • Laura (1:45:58): Laughing at Lich O’Brien.

  • Travis and Laura (1:46:00): Sam: “It’s Liam O’Brien and Conan O’Brien!”

  • Taliesin (1:58:00): Laura: “Ooooh, yeah, that’s a 24. 5. 3.”

  • Taliesin (2:10:00): Travis announces his intention to cut one of Sam’s arms off.

  • Travis (2:10:12): Travis fails to cut off Sam’s arm.

  • Taliesin (2:10:18): Something falls behind Laura and Travis.

  • Taliesin (2:10:38): Travis: “It was just to see what he would say, buddy!” Sam: “Sure it was.”

  • Taliesin (2:11:02): Sam’s rant that he should be getting paid more than Travis.

  • Taliesin (2:13:45): Frozen Sam requests mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

  • Laura (2:16:54): “Mad Max Mercer” appears.

  • Laura (2:22:14): Sam rolls a nat 1 to give her mouth-to-mouth.

  • Taliesin (2:24:22): Conan reacts to being repeatedly smacked with tentacles.


This last one wasn’t an ask, but we (mostly L) were curious, and curiosity is L’s weakness. Let’s face it, in every group of friends during the apocalypse, there’s at least one who’s a little more, shall we say, “practical” about their own personal survival than their friends might hope. Thanks to Liam’s one-shot, we think we can say who that is in the Critical Role crew. Here are the times that the crew (*cough* mostly Travis, and excluding Laura) showed a willingness to sacrifice their teammates’ (including Bixby’s) safety in Liam’s post-apocalyptic nightmare hell-scape for their own well-being:

Total: 18

Total from Travis: 12

  • Travis (0:29:48): “OK! Taliesin, go see if anything is out there still.” Laura: “Don’t send Taliesin out there!” Travis: “Why?” Laura: “Baby.”

  • Travis (0:36:34): “Can I kill the dog with the sword?” Laura and Sam: “No!”

  • Travis (0:38:35): “If you’re changing, let me know, I’ll cut you open now.”

  • Taliesin (0:40:05): “Worst-case scenario, we feed it the dog if it tries to go for us.”

  • Travis (0:40:34): “Yes! I will sell you [points to Laura] and be rich in the post-apocalyptic world.”

  • Travis (0:49:18): “If [Sam] misses we throw him in the water?”

  • Taliesin (0:49:20): “We throw the dog in the water, god!”

  • Travis (1:14:26): “It’s The Last of Us, dude. It’s all over. I think we should just eat Taliesin and move on.”

  • Taliesin (1:16:17): “I’m still a little upset that we talked about eating me before the dog.” Travis: “He was covered in that goo.”

  • Travis (1:16:46): “Taliesin, I’m sorry I said I was going to eat you. Just go check out the sound.”

  • Travis (1:22:02): “I am super super fast.” Laura: “Travis, can I have a piggyback ride?” Travis: “That would make me much less fast.” Laura: “But I won’t get my feet in the goop.” Travis, after a pause: “No.”

  • Travis (2:09:45): “Will you accept a sacrifice for mercy?” *tries to cut Sam’s arm off*

  • Sam (2:10:48): Commands Bixby to attack Travis.

  • Travis (2:13:27): “Kill Conan! Don’t worry about Sam, he’ll be fine!”

  • Travis (2:14:26): “[Sam] was never good at the cold reads.” *actually chops off Sam’s frozen arm* Laura: “Travis Willingham, you do not kill Sam Riegel right now!”

  • Sam (2:14:43): Bixby gets an attack of opportunity against Travis.

  • Travis (2:26:13): “Over the next day I kill Taliesin and Sam and start the new human race with my wife.”

  • Taliesin (2:26:15): “Hellish Rebuke. If he touches me, I cast Hellish Rebuke.”

And One More Thing!

jimenin found this link from Warner Bros. Studios… If you’re curious what the initial playing field looks like. ;)