Percy and the Twins

“I’ve already made my way through siblings!”

Percy’s been kissed by Vax in Yug’voril, and by Vex in Emon and Whitestone, so we thought it fitting to chronicle the times when the twins showed their favorite gunslinger a little love.

Thanks to all the volunteers who helped compile this list!

Perc’ildan Moments

13 Escape from the Underdark

  • (1:37:10) Vax kisses Percy as they escape from Yug’voril.

29 Whispers

  • (1:10:15) “Wake up, handsome,” Vax says as he pours a potion into Percy.

32 Against the Tide of Bone

  • (2:43:00) The tunnel conversation

33 Reunions

  • (p2.1:21:18) Pepperbox jams when Percy tries to shoot a ghost-possessed Vax in the face, making Percy more relieved than distraught

34 Race to the Ziggurat

  • (0:20:52) Percy: Vax, we’ve discussed our new password, do you remember the new password?

36 Winter’s Crest in Whitestone

  • (0:43:47) Percy: What do you have in your neck slot? (Laura: That sounds SO disgusting!)  Vax’ildan: My neck slot?!  I don’t know Percy, what’ve I got in my neck slot?  Percy: I think I have something that might fit.

Perc’ahlia Moments

15 Skyward

  • (0:52:29) Vex:“I won’t even HAGGLE, Percy, I’ll just give it to you.  I mean, well, you know what I mean.  Gold.” Vax: “That’s going a bit beyond winking.”  Percy “Now I’m nervous.”
  • (0:54:10) Vex: C’mere, you beautiful bastard. *kiss*

16 Enter Vasselheim

  • (1:33:05) Percy: “You first, or me?” Vex: “Well, let’s try this first, because you might just break it down completely.” Percy: “Oh, very well.” Vex: “You’re much more powerful than I am, Percy.” Taliesin claps his hands to his chest.

23 The Rematch

  • (0:19:55) They have conversation about how a lot of alcohol and one night should be all one needs.

30 Stoke the Flames

  • (0:31:37) Vex’ahlia kisses Percy on the cheek

31 Gunpowder Plot

  • (p1. 2:11:46) Vex’ahlia slams Percy against a wall

33 Reunions

  • (p1. 2:09:23) Vex: Percival…how are you?  Percy: I’m fine.  Vex: Darling, take the mask off.

34 Race to the Ziggurat

  • (0:21:44) Percy: I would of course I would, but mostly because I fear her. “I’m not scary!”  “You are scary.”
  • (4:26:15) Percy takes 17 damage in order to lift an unconscious Vex toward safety in the ziggurat.

35 Denouement

  • (p1. 0:47:43) Vex’ahlia tries to pull Percy out of his madness
  • (p2. 0:08:33) Vex’ahlia puts her hands on Percy’s face and says, ‘“Percy, dear, you’ll thank us for this later, I know it.”  I kiss his cheek and say, “I’m so sorry.”’

36 Winter’s Crest in Whitestone

  • (2:18:33) After the party was informed that the de Rolos would be inheriting a fortune: Vex: Percy, you’re looking very attractive today.  Percy: I know.
  • (2:27:30) Percy: Let us not forget that within 6 hours of meeting each other, I ended up handing over an enormous sum of money to you.  Vex: It was actually like 500 gold.  Percy: It was quite a bit of gold if I recall. *Vex looks in her ledger*  Percy: You have it written down, don’t you.  That’s so endearing. Vax: Is it?