Pony Up

@Session_Diva asked: #CriticalRole - anyone tracking how much money #VoxMachina’s lost on horses? ;P

First, let’s get the animal cruelty out of the way: How many horses has Vox Machina either broken or lost to the wilds?

In Vasselheim, Grog rode two different warhorses. While neither were killed by the ordeal, they were both significantly worn out by the goliath, beyond use to any member of the party.

In Westruun, the party purchased a horse for each party member, but was forced to leave them as they made their way to Whitestone. These equines served as a slightly-convenient diversion to a group of harpies, saving the party from a combat encounter at the cost of their transportation back.

Total horses used by Vox Machina: 2 worn out + 7 killed + 5 returned without incident.

Now, the original question: Vox Machina’s monetary losses on horses.

Episode 18: Thanks to Zahra’s suggestion, Lyra’s connections, and the skills of Vox Machina’s finest negotiators (Grog not included), the rental price for the Vasselheim horses to pursue Rimefang was actually quite low at a cool 50g (three horses and a warhorse). What’s more, Vox Machina didn’t even have to pay for the first round of horses, as Lyra threw down her own gold for the team. Cost to Vox Machina: 0g.

Episode 22: Once the team returned, they needed to replace the warhorse that Grog essentially broke. No price was named for the cost of wearing out the original horse, but the stablehand did require that they purchase Grog’s next warhorse (negotiated down to 200g). Tiberius also decided he wanted his own warhorse (full price, 400g). Vox Machina appears to have returned to Emon without bringing any of these equines with them.

Episode 27: Vox Machina found themselves with a need for steed for their journey to Whitestone, and chose not to use their own stables (the amount spent on these horses has not been addressed). Instead, they teleported to Westruun and purchased horses for the negotiated price of 210g (which were promptly eaten by harpies).

Final cost of horses to Vox Machina’s accounts: 810 gold.