Potions Consumed

Many critters have asked us what potions Vox Machina used, so we’re happy to now present a chart detailing just that! 

Vox Machina’s Potions Consumed Chart

If you ever want to refer back to the chart without trying to find this post, there is a link for it on our Running Stats page.

Thanks to 1001paperboxes, Alexandra, Andrew C., aringtrappedinamber, Brendan G., @c_diercks, Carter M., @ChrisVLinden, @Clafairified, clefos, Danupert, David and Sierra T., Dom W., @dutchcritter, Ethereal S., Fingman133, Genny S., Greg V., @InvictusRob, @JacobSBrowning, @Ju_Draakje, Kayla (Heroic Pages), @melissamelrita, @_miss_maria_, mthwiz, Nickel708, @OmrJeuss, openthepocketwatch, Patrick J., Rae M., @sarabowdridge, @SilentEnGee, sonataofsilence, themeaningofnight, vysoren-of-vord, and @ytoti_ for their work compiling this list!