Pre-Episode 52 Stats

When last we left Vox Machina, they were about to enter into a battle that we would not consider particularly favorable. In preparation for tonight’s impending struggle (#IStandWithGrog), we present the current standing of the party, followed by what we know about the opposing team.

Current Hit Point Totals

  • Grog: 133 HP (of 180 + 24 expent temp HP)
  • Vex’ahlia: 87 HP (of 95) + 15 temp HP
  • Scanlan: 109 HP (of 109) + 15 temp HP
  • Keyleth: 99 HP (of 99) + 90 Air Elemental HP
  • Percy: 106 HP (of 106)
  • Vax’ildan: 86 HP (of 86)
  • Pike: 80 HP (of 80)

Spells Remaining

The following table shows how many spells each player still has at their disposal, compared to how many they have after a long rest.

Abilities and items

  • Vax’ildan: Boots of Haste available, 2 of 3 Luck
  • Vex’ahlia: Longbow of the Sky Sentinel, Blazing Bowstring all available
  • Scanlan: 4 of 5 Bardic Inspirations
  • Keyleth: 0 of 2 Beast Shapes (currently Air Elemental)
  • Grog: 2 of 5 rages (one Frenzied)
  • Pike: Channel Divinity and Divine Intervention available.


  • He has taken 34 damage.
  • He has at least 5 levels of barbarian (Extra Attack).
    • Totem of the Bear: resistance to all damage when raging (except psychic).
    • Confirmed 9 levels
  • He has at least 3 levels of fighter (Combat Superiority).
  • With the Knuckles, DC is higher than 18 (STR + Proficiency + 8).
  • He has the feat Great Weapon Master.
  • The Blood Axe deals an additional die of necrotic damage for each hit.

The Tribe

  • Horace claimed that the herd had half of 100 since the dragon attacked.
  • Vox Machina has killed 15 members of the herd.
  • Most are relatively weak, with a few powerful lieutenants.
  • Mostly physical combatants, but a few druids likely remain.
  • Tons of hostages are still being used at shields.
  • A dragon appeared this morning. Not expected to return for another couple of days, but even the aftermath of whatever happens should be evident when it returns…