Preview: Pit Fiend and Erinyes

Thanks to @TheRequiemManfor the art!

Tonight, Vox Machina finds themselves up against two greater devils. While we’ll save the full monster analysis for next week after we’ve seen them in action, we figured a preview to either sedate or encourage the panic was in order.

(Note from L: I’m already panicking. Someone died last time I missed a big fight live.)

(Note from A: Hey, a TPK is highly unlikely. Character death might happen, sure, but…)

(Note from TSB: Don’t throw around the ‘d’ word unless it’s the ‘d’ word time!)

The Devils You Know

First, fun facts about devils in general. With the exception of the lowly lemure, all devils have magic resistance, granting them advantage on saves against any magical spell or effect. Additionally, even though all devils (lemures included) can see in magical darkness, only the pit fiend and the erinyes have true sight, piercing magical darkness, invisibility, and any illusion. So, sorry, Vox Machina, Ghurrix was never fooled by the azer and sextuplet routine.

@obsseseddramaqueen reminds us that devils typically have resistance to physical weapon damage unless they are silvered. While Vox Machina doesn’t have any silvered weaponry, magical weapons also will overcome this resistance. Note that they also have resistance to cold damage, and fire and poison flat out won’t work.

On top of all this, a fiend killed on any plane other than its plane of origin merely returns to its plane (as we saw with Hotis the Rakshasa). Should Ghurrix or the erinyes fall, it will be, at worst, an inconvenience before they return to the embassy with much greater numbers and a vendetta against someone in the City of Brass. While it’s still entirely possible for Juuriael’s name to be left out of this, she may find her request less than satisfied when Ghurrix returns to the City of Brass.

Hint Hint. Hint Hint Hint.

Matt hasn’t exactly been subtle that this fight is going to be dire without external assistance or ingenuity. During Episode 75, Cenokier suggested the party bring in the assistance of the City of Brass’ guard by way of pinning the suspicion of treason against The Sultan on Ghurrix. Even in his interview on Talks Machina, Matt confirmed that his bets were on Ghurrix unless the party could come up with some last-minute creativity.

Given the circumstance, we can comment only on a straight battle with a level playing field and no external elements in play. If we (falsely) assume no additional modifications to the monsters, combined, Ghurrix and his summoned bodyguard have a combined challenge rating of 21. This, surprisingly, falls into the range of a medium challenge for a full-partied Vox Machina.

However, let’s be realistic. Health and damage are definitely getting upgrades. The erinyes gets three attacks per turn (two if she uses her Rope to tie someone up). Ghurrix gets four attacks per turn, all ignoring resistances and almost ensured to make contact. That’s to say nothing of the spells at his disposal.

Matt also hinted at Ghurrix’s Fear Aura. While Vox Machina will be immune to it once they shrug it off, the aura will still grant disadvantage on attacks and ability checks and hinder their movement options until they overcome the 21 Wisdom Save DC. Keyleth’s Feeblemind would have removed Ghurrix’s considerable casting abilities and possibly prevented the erinyes from entering the battle, but even the pit fiend’s physical abilities are deeply imposing.

On top of that, the erinyes comes to this battle fully equipped, wielding a Rope of Entanglement, a longbow, and a longsword. Expect to see a significant increase in damage on each of her attacks in the form of poison damage, as well. (That Heroes’ Feast is looking better and better…) However, if we assume that the erinyes was summoned using the variant rules on p68 of the Monster Manual, she will only be there for as long as a minute before the summoning fades. She can also be dismissed by either killing her or Ghurrix, or with an action from Ghurrix himself.

Any way the battle goes, it’s fair to say that the fight itself will only be half as interesting as the consequences that immediately follow…