Preview: The Frigid Doom vs. Yenk the Goristro

With the impending battle looming in Episode 71, we’ve gotten a number of questions about Gate Scrolls and Goristros. Here’s what you need to know. (More answers after the break!)

How likely is it that Scanlan will fail casting the Gate scroll?

According to the item description for scrolls in the DMG (p200), a scroll is unintelligible if the spell is not on the caster’s spell list. While bards do not have Gate as a 9th level spell, we’re going to assume that Scanlan’s Magical Secrets ability grants him the opportunity to use it. Further, there is precedent for Matt houseruling for their game that the spell does not have to be on the caster’s list; Scanlan cast Chain Lightning via scroll against K’varn (Episode 11, 3:17:10), and Spirit Guardians via scroll against the ghosts in Episode 33 (p2. 1:23:28).

With that caveat out of the way, the DC sits at 19. With Scanlan’s base spellcasting modifier of +6 and the added bonus of Jack of All Trades of +2, at the very least, Sam needs to roll an 11 or higher (50% chance of success). However, if we also factor in Enhance Ability (advantage on the roll) and Peerless Skill (1d12 inspiration to himself), his odds go up to approximately 94% chance of success. (Best worst case: Sam rolls Nat9 as his high roll, then rolls a 1 on the inspiration.) Thanks to IsYitzack for the odds calculations!

Do you know what might happen to Scanlan if he fails to correctly use the gate scroll?

One of two things. The default is that the scroll disappears forever, spell unspent, and Scanlan finds himself shouting meaningless incantations at an ancient white dragon. However, the DMG does have a table for scroll mishaps (p140), should Matt choose to use that variant. The target must make a DC 10 Intelligence saving throw, or one of six marvelous mishaps will occur.

How is the Goristo Yenk going to fare against Vorugal?

Assuming that:

  • The Gate spell works.
  • Yenk doesn’t immediately go after Vox Machina, Kima, and the Ravinites.
  • Vorugal doesn’t immediately go after VM, Kima, and the Ravinites.
  • Raishan doesn’t do anything sneaky (or not-so-sneaky) to mess with any of the above.

It’ll be quite a battle; a Goristro is resistant to cold damage and non-magical physical damage (among other resistances and poison immunity), and has advantage on all saves against spells and magical effects. Goristros can deal a large amount of damage on their strikes, especially their Charge and Gore attacks. There’s also the possibility that Yenk could have smaller demons on its shoulders. Matt is known to homebrew aspects of his monsters, like the Feymire Crocodile, so we’re interested to see if this Goristro has any other tricks up its sleeve than what’s mentioned in the Monster Manual. That said, we’ve already seen what Vorugal can do in Episode 40, and if Vorugal stays out of melee and charging range of the Goristro, Yenk is going to have a much tougher time.

What about Raishan?

She’s likely going to watch from safety, intervening only to show her loyalty without compromising her presence to Vorugal or her capabilities against Vox Machina. That said, tricky dragon; only time will tell what she really has in store. (For further reading on her, check out What We Know About Raishan and our attempt to fact check her story!)