Project Priorities for 2016

As we prepare for tonight’s kickoff of Season 2, we’re also reflecting on what projects we still have left from last year. 2015 brought us over 140 hours of Critical Role goodness, not counting con appearances, interviews, playlists, and whatever else that would make this list even longer. That is the approximate equivalent of seven seasons of a prime time television series. (And still, it’s never quite enough, is it?)

Given the nature of our projects, we at Crit Role Stats have watched many of these episodes multiple times in order to cover many of the incoming requests and running tasks. While it’s still crazy to think about even 20 episodes in, it was also still somewhat manageable, especially given the number of willing volunteers. However, even with assistance, at a certain point we do have to decide where our limit is (which has apparently been greater than seven seasons of prime time television).

While we’d love to continue covering how many times certain events happen throughout the entire series, all requests that require a complete rewatch of Season 1 will be postponed indefinitely in favor of requests limited to Season 2, individual episodes, and other projects. Thanks for understanding, and don’t let that discourage you from making requests. After all, as Matt says: “You can certainly try!”