Puns and Media References of Episode 57: Duskmeadow

‘Cause every girl’s crazy ‘bout a sharp dressed goliath! *guitar riff*


  • (1:33:26) Deidre: “Well, what are you intending to do with this hat?” Grog: “Uh, nothing, just look sharp.”
  • (2:34:36) Vax: “That helmet is really something else.” Vex: “You could really do something terrible to him with that.” Grog: “I’m just saying, I think we really have an edge now.”
  • (2:34:47) Percy: “You do have a point.”
  • (3:06:42) Scanlan: “He speaks to the sea?” Percy: “Or just the letter C.”
  • (3:25:21) Sun Tree: “Hey bud.”
  • (3:26:30) Matt: “After I graduated from Berkeley, I made my way to Whitestone.” Sam: “Barkley.”
  • (3:26:35) Ashley: “Buy a pair of Barkenstocks…”

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