Puns of 41: In Ruins

We need a Vox Machina-themed version of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song & art of Liam the Lemur.

  • (0:18:15) Keyleth: We could pull double duty we could… Grog: Heh, duty.  Keyleth: Grog, not now!  Now is not the time!  Grog: O_O
  • (0:26:02) Grog: Yeah, let’s go play with our tunnel!
  • (0:40:05) Matt: As you eventually, groggily make your way downstairs, pardon the pun…
  • (0:49:19) Laura: Lemurs are slow!  Liam: I am not slow!
  • (1:42:44) Matt: As Trinket bears down… Sam: Bears down?
  • (2:54:16) Matt: Relatively recent that all…you see the tracks pushing northward, there’s about four, fresh sets of prints.  Sam: Fresh.  Taliesin: Fresh prints.