Puns of 42: Dangerous Dealings

Raise your hand if your first thought after Percy told Cassandra that he’s not good at being the bearer of bad news was something like, “Actually, you are The bearer of Bad News.”

  • (0:24:19) Scanlan: I’ve been thinking about that long and hard…most of what I do is long and hard.
  • (0:38:44) Taliesin: Big girls don’t scry.
  • (1:03:23) Percy: I’m not good at being the bearer of any bad news.
  • (1:10:33) Taliesin/Percy: (at Vax putting the Gate Stone in his pants) Get your rocks off.
  • (1:45:28) (After cleaving Rider 2 in half) Grog: I told you he’d open up to me!
  • (1:53:53) Vex: Scanlan, I’ve got you!  Scanlan: No, no, I know you did, you shot me on the last turn, I remember!