Puns of Episode 37

The puns of A Musician’s Nostalgia: occasionally flat, often sharp, and sometimes even accidentally funny!  *sad trombone*  I’ll see myself out.

  • (0:06:56) The impotent/important discussion
  • (011:21) Marisha: We have our proof.  Taliesin: It’s like 80 proof.  Marisha: Everclear proof.
  • (0:23:40) Sam: *heavy breathing* Fiber…fiber.  No movement yet.
  • (1:23:21) Marisha: I’m kind of wondering, if I was a sneaky bastard… Sam: You’re not, don’t say that about yourself.  Marisha: Thank you so much!  I sometimes get concerned.  If I was a sneaky bastard and I wanted to make sure… Sam: You’re not!  Marisha: Thank you!
  • (1:27:30) Marisha: Well, you know what they say, when you a-sum!
  • (2:18:31) Kaylee: I know better than most ladies who cross your path.  Scanlan: You may change your tune.
  • (2:18:57) Matt: What would you do to make Scanlan look better here?  Taliesin: Perhaps help him with his pitch.
  • (2:19:42) Kaylee: A holy woman?!  Scanlan: She’s got holes in all the right places.
  • (2:24:10) Dranzel: So I take it you’re all experienced in a little skulduggery.  Grog: *laughs heartily*  Percy: Grog, it doesn’t mean what you think it means.  Grog: Oh.
  • (2:40:27) Vax’ildan: Underneath here is a honeycomb of thieves… Grog: *gasp!* Honeycomb!  Oh…thieves.
  • (2:41:56) Scanlan: I’m sorry if we got off on a weird foot.  I have that effect on people sometimes.  Kaylee: Your feet are weird?  That’s interesting *looks intriguingly down towards his feet*
  • (2:46:21) Taliesin: Everyone keeps popcorn in their pocket.  Pocket-porn *immediately realizes what he said*
  • (3:25:39) Clasp Leader: Let me see your box.  Vex’ahlia: *snicker* Well!