Puns of Episode 38

The pain continues.

  • (0:11:35) Taliesin: “The bear is a necessity.”
  • (0:22:05) Taliesin: “He taint intimidated.” (Prefaced a few seconds earlier with, “I’ve been wanting to make this pun my entire life.”)
  • (0:24:31) Taliesin: [in reference to Pike being able to bless Daxio] “I have faith.”
  • (0:31:15) Craven Edge: “Now, we see eye to eye.” Grog: “Um, I don’t see you anywhere.”
  • (0:34:42) Sam: “AH! AH! AH! I’m Yelping it.”
  • (2:53:00) Travis: “That’s cold-blooded.”