Puns of Episode 43: Return to Vasselheim

Only a few puns this week.  Props (or rotten tomatoes, depending on how you feel about puns) to returning guest Will Friedle for two of them!

  • (0:41:02) Scanlan: She gave us a lot to sphinx about.
  • (0:55:55) Vax’ildan: My sister is very good at…do you know what math is?  Grog: Mathis?
  • (1:02:33) Matt: Which of the knickknacks are you putting down?  Laura: I, um, are you asking me as Matt?  Matt: Are these the things you pulled out of the….  Will: she puts down Knick and holds Knack.
  • (3:29:39) Will: He took no Van Damme-age.