Puns of Episode 44: The Sunken Tomb

We apologize in advance for these.  Seriously.

  • (0:32:26) Matt: …was named Purvan.  Laura: Ha!  Yeah he is.  Sam: Last name…Pedobear.
  • (0:34:41) Vex’ahlia: there’s definitely gonna be ghosts there.  Kashaw?  Kashaw: Yeah?  Vex’ahlia: Do your holy s*** when we go there, all right?
  • (0:44:38) Mary: [Grog’s] very good at passing wind!
  • (1:07:50) Matt: For lack of a better term, a pucker point. […] Mary: The loch has an anus.  Liam: Ah, you’re goin’ to Loch Anus, are you?  Mary: It’s very muddy.  Well it ‘tis!  I put my nose in it. Augh…
  • (1:10:30) Will: See what’s coming out of Loch Anus.  Sam: Dark forces.
  • (1:32:43) Sam: It’s a super muddy Anus
  • (3:20:04) Will: You can’t finger [of death] it any more.  Mary: I can’t finger it to death!