Puns of Episode 46: Cindergrove Revisited

It seems that spending the entire episode in the Cindergrove fanned the flames of inspiration for the many elemental puns in this episode.

  • (0:29:58) Vex’ahlia: Perfect!  We’re short on magic people, that’s wonderful!  Gern: Excellent! *turns to Scanlan* No offense.
  • (0:32:08) Gern: Purple hearts, green starts!  Sam: Purple hearts?  You’ve seen some s***.  Gern: Special Veterans edition of Lucky Charms.  Matt: Very, very lucky charms.
  • (1:02:00) Liam: I’m gonna stab him three times in his fire buttocks.  Taliesin: Hot pants.
  • (1:03:28) Gern: I could cast Ice Storm, but that’s a general malaise of middle-aged couples living in a neighborhood, becoming aware of their dead-end lives.
  • (1:04:17) Marisha: [Cone of Cold’s] hot.  Travis: It’s cold.
  • (1:04:20) Liam: Y’all wanna go the DQ and get a cone of cold?
  • (1:07:06) Sam: You could reanimate [Fatty Arbuckle]!  Gern: It’s too late.  He’s no good any longer.  Sam: He’s freezer burned?
  • (1:41:35) Liam: An e-giff-i. (Play on Efreeti and the gif debate)
  • (2:17:45) Matt: See this blue, crackling blow…glow.  The blow’s how he got to the mountain, shoot the lightning.  Gern: I’m flying high, but I can’t get an erection.
  • (2:22:34) After Bad News overheats and misfires; Marisha: It’s hot.
  • (2:24:11) Gern: Ohh, that lightning bolt was so big.  And wide!  Scanlan: It’s the width that matters…Gern: The girth!  Taliesin: The girth of Gern.  Gern: The Girnth.
  • (2:26:14) Marisha: So, we have these two a**holes right in front of us.  Liam: My name is Vax.
  • (2:30:47) Vax: You don’t wanna f*** with his beard!  Chris: She has a name!  Liam: Ohh, sorry, Laura.
  • (2:35:04) Gern: (about to get on his flying broom to bring down the Efreeti in the sphere) I’m going up to catch the golden b****!