Puns of Episode 47: The Family Business

Fun Fact: This is the second time that Marisha punned Sam’s last name!  The first was in Episode 29 (2:34:58).

  • (0:12:03) Scanlan: Keyleth.  Keyleth: Yes, Scanlan?  Laura: You said that weird.  Sam: Well, that’s how it’s spelled, Keyleth.  Marisha: So regal (Riegel) of you, Scanlan!
  • (0:12:29) Scanlan: …with my magical dalliances.  Grog: Is that another name for your penis?  Scanlan: It is!
  • (0:13:15) (Talking about casting) Taliesin: Is this going to be self-dalliance, or are you going to need a partner or two?
  • (0:15:55) Taliesin: I can solve this.  Are any of the Pyrah tribe hot?  Laura: They’re all hot.  Travis: It’s the fire plane.
  • (0:32:58) Laura: I put the broom between my legs and I sit on it.  Sam: Apparently, I’m doing the same thing upstairs.  Travis: With one of your servants named Broom.
  • (0:38:04) Scanlan: I could make you fly.  Vex’ahlia: Yeah!  Oh, you mean with your cube.
  • (1:22:15) Travis: Oh, say can you see-sah? (Osysa)