Puns of Episode 48: Into the Frostweald

Who’s got two thumbs and is excited for this week’s puns? Tyriok and Scanlan, both giving a thumbs up!

  • (0:15:09) Vax: Scanlan, you said that a lot of people could go into your house, yeah?  Sam/Scanlan: I can fit many people into my hole.
  • (1:50:55) Vax: Your people..did you grow up in the cold?  Grog: Yeah, we’re pretty cool.
  • (1:54:04) Grog: How’s it taste?  Matt: It’s the clearest snow you’ve ever tasted in a long time.  Grog: It’s crazy pure, yo!
  • (3:14:06) Grog: (to the one-armed Tyriok) Do you need a hand finding your way to the encampment?