Puns of Episode 86: Daring Days

Imagine if Tary’s unmarried sister was a successful, rebellious librarian. Then she could be Made Maid Maryanne the Contrarian Librarian! …We’ll see ourselves out.

  • (0:23:02) Laura: *rubbing Travis’ face* This is a strong jaw!
  • (0:51:40) Taryon: Tary On with Taryon Darrington, The Terrific and Terrifying Tales of Taryon Darrington, Fifty Shades of Tary, Bravado! The T. Darrington Story, Zen and the Art of Robot Manservant Repair, Adventuring for Dummies, The Things They Taryed, The Blond Hair of Courage, The Adventures of Huckletary Finn, The Odyssey, Tary’s Daring Dos and Daring Do Nots, Dungeons & Darringtons, and, this one just popped into my head: Critical Patrol.
  • (1:00:10) Keyleth: Irritated? Or was ‘inferior’ the word you were looking for?  Percy: Vexed.  Keyleth: Vexed! That’s a good word.  Vex: It is a good word.  Grog: That’s her name!
  • (1:03:31) Taryon: In battle, I am deft. Fearless.  Grog: You’re deaf?
  • (2:28:50) Percy: Then she’ll be a Made Maid Maryanne! …I may be drunk.
  • (2:30:58) Taryon: I do know [my father] is ruthless and a bastard, if you ask me truthfully.  Vax: Literally?  Taryon: No, I mean we had a grandfather, so I think he’s not really a bastard. I think. What do you mean?  […] Vax: So you mean s***head.
  • (2:43:53) Vex: Maybe we can go down to the docks. …Are there docks here? […] Sam: She meant the doctor’s office.
  • (2:53:50) Vex: Do you want me to pull it out?  Grog: Phrasing.
  • (2:59:55) Taryon: Let’s TARY ON!
  • (3:22:08) Liam: I’m sure your boat shoes are very white.