Puns of Episodes 39 and 40

How do you measure just how dark these episodes were?  Puns.  There were a mere five puns between the two episodes.

39: Omens

  • (1:16:22) Marisha (upon taking damage from the Frost Worm): I deserved that.  Taliesin: Yeah, well, we live in a cold, cold world, no one deserves anything.
  • (2:26:10) Scanlan: Ah, shat all over my plans.
  • (3:01:33) Taliesin: Rolled up and stick it where the sun don’t shine.  Marisha: A 20x6 foot canvas?  Taliesin: Some caverns run deep.

40: Desperate Measures

  • (0:51:53) Liam, to Taliesin: You still have the taint upon you.
  • (1:07:06) Laura: [Trinket’s] fine….Bear-ly!