Quick Answers

We have a number of questions in our inbox, many of which are repeat questions or questions that we don’t have enough information to give a solid answer yet.  Here are answers to some of those:

Stats on character items/What do people have equipped

  • We’ll be updating them soon, but everything we know about items that VM has equipped, or anything about their stats, is on our character sheets for them.

NPC List/Critmas gift list/Vox Machina damage dealt/Vex and Vax name mix-ups/Various other word counts/Challenge Ratings

Titan Stone Knuckles/Nasty Tongue Stick from Ep42?!

  • We don’t know what those are, either.
  • UPDATE: Thanks to @MaxVsTheGame, we’ve been given a pretty clear indication that the Nasty Tongue Stick is a Despoiler of Flesh.  It’s just as horrifying as it sounds.

Is the skull with Allura?

  • We’re inclined to think so.

Make a Pun list!

Critical Role Economy/Gilmore Discount

  • Matt references the DMG for prices of items.  We have no way of telling how much Gilmore benefited from his sponsorship of Vox Machina, but we know that Vox Machina got a 10% discount on all items purchased at his shop (plus whatever Vex was able to haggle out).

How much ammo can Percy make?

  • It depends.  He needs, as far as we can tell, black powder, iron ingots, his tinkering kit, and a forge/workshop to make ammunition.
  • Update: Thanks to @dasbif, we now know that sets a DC of 10 for crafting ammunition, via Matt’s Twitter.

What’s the music for the show?