Quick Answers 10

How do you spell the names of the dragons in the Chroma Conclave?

Per Matt’s tweet: Raishan (green), Umbrasyl (black), Vorugal (white), and Thordak (red).

Why did an attack roll of 15 hit Scanlan in Episode 52?

Because he needed to attune to Mythcarver, he likely had to remove his +2 Ring of Protection or his Coldsnap Leather Armor.

To the lovely critter who sent in Media References and other stats for a Critmas:

We appreciate the work, but we’re not tracking those for Critmases! We mostly focus on the stuff that happens in-game. Thanks, though!

Heads up, Gern has yet to be added in the character sheets


Why is your All Rolls chart in Excel rather than in a database?

When we started, Google Docs and Sheets were easy to create, easy to store, and easy to share. Even now, they still are. There are four of us across three time zones, plus dozens of volunteers around the world. Finding a *simple* free database for everyone to use is harder than it sounds. While we would love to eventually have a legit, honest-to-goodness database in place one day, what we have has been working for now. Our attention is currently focused on content!

What are the Dread Emperor’s Stats?

We don’t know, that battle happened pre-stream. That said, if we ever catch up on our Monster Analyses from the show and people are legitimately interested, maybe we’ll consider exploring the Pathfinder monsters we’re aware of…

Hey, could you calculate max damage and average damage for Vox Machina, but only under these specific conditions?

As much as we might, theoretically, like to calculate every permutation of damage statistic for Vox Machina, the truth of the matter is that we just don’t have time. Calculating the maximum amount of damage for each member of Vox Machina took all of us, working together, a day and a half-and we’re still adding to it. We do our best to make a lot of our knowledge public so that all of you are able to access it and calculate some of your curiosities without needing to go through us first.

As a reminder, while you’re welcome to send in requests for “how many times someone said or did XYZ,” requests that require a full rewatch of the show will take a very long time to answer. If you’d like to volunteer to help with any of our Current Projects, please send an email to critrolestats@gmail.com.