Quick Answers 11

When did Vex get her bag of holding?

We’re aware of three Vox Machina Bags of Holding:

  1. The main BoH, carried by Grog since before the stream (also RIP, Dork the Ox).
  2. Tiberius’, which he picked up from Draconia (Discussed in Ep14, 0:26:12)
  3. The refrigerated BoH, granted to Take Team 1 (which included Vex) to harvest Rimefang’s bits (Ep18, 0:34:35), and presumably given as a permanent gift thereafter.

Which video did Liam tell the story about how he felt embarrassed because nobody responded to his email about playing D&D again? Big fan guys!

Thanks! Liam’s told the story several times, but you may be content to hear it at SDCC 2015.

Where is Tyriock right now?

Last we saw Tyriok, he joined the former orc hostages in their journey back to the Westruun refugees.

Just a silly question: what episode (and/or timestamp) did Scanlan and Grog Fastball Special with Bigby’s Hand?

That would be Episode 44, (4:02:22), in their battle against the beholder guarding the Deathwalker’s Ward.

In terms of pure hit points, who’s the bigger tank, Grog or Keyleth (with her 2 beast shapes)?

It depends if you count resistances or not. With her earth elemental form, Keyleth has 99 total HP at her current level 13, including 126 HP from the elemental that halves all non-magical physical damage. With resistances in place, Keyleth could have a practical HP of 351. Grog, on the other hand, has 180. If it’s assumed that he’s raging through all of that, then his practical HP doubles to 360.

Has Marisha/Keyleth ever given clarification about how Keyleth acts weird about things to do with religion and gods?

As an Ashari druid, she’s mentioned that they just “aren’t really organized religion people, the Ashari.” Druids often don’t have a single deity that they worship, as they see the earth and nature as the focus of their reverence.  Marisha hasn’t really expounded on Keyleth’s attitude about deities and their followers, nor has she really explained what was going on with Kima. However, given Keyleth’s constant drive to always do “the right thing” (even when that is unclear), we get the sensation that Kima’s conviction concerned her, as conviction itself does not make right.  

When was the scene in which Vex asks Percy if he’s feeling okay and he just says “I’m feeling unwell” I’ve seen it drawn all over the tag and I can’t remember where it came from  

We’re unsure of that particular quotation. We know of the moment in Episode 31 (p1. 2:11:58)  where Percy describes himself as cruel, but not necessarily a moment where he describes himself as unwell.