Quick Answers 12

Do we know where the party got the immovable rod?

We do! They received it in Whitestone from Jordana (ep30, 2:09:55), who was tending the magic shop in her father’s “absence.” There was a second immovable rod used earlier in the stream (Ep11, 2:42:44), which was last seen in Tiberius’ possession.

Vex said this week she has two dragon slaying arrows, I remember that one came from Zahra, but do we know where she got the other one?

The first Arrow of Dragon Slaying was looted from the quiver of one of Rimefang’s earlier victims (ep19, 3:40:58). Vex specifically set this one aside to be used on the dragon that killed her mother. (Zahra gifted the second arrow at Ep44, 4:43:45.)

Do we know if the cast already has backup characters made in case they die?

We don’t know, but we have seen some of the cast play other characters, like in the Critical Role Goblin Game and as guests on Gamespot and Kinda Funny. Whether or not characters like Jester, Julian, and McLaren von Tosscobble make their appearance in Exandria is doubtful, but possible. They have also expressed interest in other races and classes they have had interest in playing as at various conventions. There are probably no all-ready-to-go characters in the wings, but plenty of ideas.

What are Critical Role’s homebrew rules for casting magic as a bonus action?

The only change from the rules in the PHB is the limitation that a second spell must be cast at 2nd level or lower, according to Matt’s reddit post on his homebrewed rules.

Is Vex a Beastmaster as it’s written in the D&D 5e PHB?

Yes, she has the Beastmaster Ranger subclass, with all the given abilities. Trinket is a little buffed from a standard Animal Companion and grows as Vex does (see Matt’s reddit post).

What’s going on with Vex’s acrobatics check in Ep46 (1:08:15)?

With the new Rogue class level, the math from Expertise got added a bit too high (+20 instead of +15). The error was fixed by the next episode.

Who has something attuned in their head slot?

As of Episode 54, Vex has the Headband of Initiative, Scanlan has the Ioun Stone, Keyleth has the Circlet of Wisdom, and Vax has the circlet to control Fassbender the Golem.

Is there a running statistic for all the times that Sam Riegel advertises for something during the show?

There is! We’re just not done with it yet. We’ve got it on our Current Projects chart as Salesman Sam. Speaking of which, during the mini-hiatus, we’re looking for volunteers to help us with the myriad of projects we have that require episode rewatches! If you’re planning to watch an older episode and want to help, shoot us a non-anonymous message on Tumblr, Twitter (@CritRoleStats), or email (critrolestats@gmail.com).

What do we know about all the things that happened during the Umbrasyl fight?

That is getting a post of its own in the coming week (as voted by the masochists on Twitter). Just hold on for a little bit longer!