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I’ve heard Pike’s infamous mic bump during the episode “Denouement” mentioned multiple times. When exactly did this happen?

Ep35, p2. 0:36:10

Wondering how stats were generated for the party? Was it “roll 4d6 drop 1, assign numbers” or something? I’m getting a 5e group together and am curious; it’s sometimes hard to get decent stats out of some of the roll methods. Thanks!

Matt confirmed on Reddit that they roll 4d6, drop 1, arrange, and reroll them all if they don’t add up to at least 70.

Does Matt give a small verbal hint whenever the enemy is below half damage? I remember him mentioning that the dragon was looking rough but I am unsure if this was at the halfway point. Is that how the 1156 HP was calculated?

When an opponent takes about half of its HP worth of damage, he usually mentions that they’re looking a little rough, or something to that effect. That’s not how we calculated 1156 HP, though that certainly helped reassure us that we’re moving in the right direction. We originally estimated over 1100 based on what we saw from the Rimefang battle in Episode 19. Rimefang was a fairly standard adult white dragon, but with his HP nearly triple the MM listed average. So, we estimated that Umbrasyl’s HP would likely also triple.

So, Vax has the gatestone and it takes 1 minute to use, right? At the rate he was taking damage from the dragon’s insides, would he be unconscious before it popped?

The gatestone takes a minute to use, indeed. He took 8 bludgeoning just from being inside Umbrasyl each round, so by the time 10 rounds go by (1 minute), he will take an additional 80 damage on top of the 28 he’s already taken. Unfortunately, that would render him unconscious. This is, of course, assuming he doesn’t lose consciousness due to suffocation before that.

Vax is classed as an Assassin, but he never seems to actually get the damage boost from it’s main ability. How many times has Vax actually gotten the critical damage from assassinate?

  1. Ep04 - Duergar Guard - 52 damage (1:42:00)
  2. Ep04 - Mindflayer - 62 damage (1:46:35)
  3. Ep05 - Ogre - 62 damage (1:58:32)
  4. Ep05 - Orge - 52 damage (2:08:16)
  5. Ep20 - Vince Cyinnor - 42 damage (02:21:11)
  6. Ep23 - Kynan Leore - 66 damage (2:45:15)
  7. Ep24 - Guard - 62 damage (3:42:30)
  8. Ep29 - Kerrion Stonefell - 66 damage (2:53:16)
  9. Ep30 - Guard - 50 damage (3:02:33)
  10. Ep33 - Professor Anders - 78 damage (p1 1:18:57)
  11. Ep37 - Daxio - 46 damage (3:54:08)
  12. Ep41 - Looter- 47 damage (2:06:24)
  13. Ep43 - Earthbreaker Groon - 59 damage (3:04:27)
  14. Ep43 - Earthbreaker Groon - 55 damage (3:11:45)
  15. Ep46 - Carol - 25 Damage (0:22:04)
  16. Ep51 - Goliath - 74 damage (0:34:25)