Quick Answers 14

Did Keyleth hurt Umbrasyl?

Keyleth did not directly deal any damage, but she did run the very important role of support.

Pre-battle, she:

  • Helped conceal the trap
  • Ensured that the would not be spotted by the dragon by taking an aerial survey of it herself.
  • Cast Heroes’ Feast, which granted the party much-needed temporary HP and immunity to fear
  • Cast Protection from Energy, which provided Grog with acid resistance for one very useful round.

During the battle, she:

  • Cast Bones of the Earth, which elevated Grog and Pike to have a better shot at Umbrasyl.
  • Forced Umbrasyl to burn through one of his three legendary resistances, which will be huge going into what will undoubtedly be a tough fight in Umbrasyl’s lair.
  • And to top it off, damage taken as an Earth Elemental means that as a half-elf, Keyleth is still at full HP to provide support for the second half!

When does Scanlan do the Burt Reynolds move?

We have those moments catalogued here!

If Percy was given the Boots of Haste, how many attacks would he have per turn?

According to Vax’s card on the item, in addition to the other benefits, the Boots of Haste grant a single additional weapon attack. At level 13, with Percy’s regular three attacks per action, three additional attacks by his action surge, and the additional attack action granted by the Boots, Percy would get a total of seven attack actions. However, that also includes reloading.

If he just used Retort (his pistol), he would get six attacks in a round:

  • Attack Action:Fire, fire, fire
  • Boots of Haste: Fire
  • Action Surge: Reload, fire, fire

If he just used Bad News (which would, on average, deal more damage), he would get four attacks in a round:

  • Attack Action: Fire, reload, fire
  • Boots of Haste: Reload
  • Action Surge: Fire, reload, fire

Could Scanlan, theoretically, Polymorph in Umbrasyl? Could he also Polymorph Vax?  

Theoretically? Sure! Into something large enough to weigh down/break through Umbrasyl? Less likely, considering how massive Umbrasyl is. Could Scanlan polymorph Vax? Not without being able to see him.  This all being said, that’s probably not the best option for getting out of a flying dragon. All of that being said, we’re more eager to see what Scanlan and Vax come up with on their own!

I’d like to send (article of clothing) to the cast, do you have their sizes? When is Critmas?

Unfortunately, we don’t know their sizes.

Be aware that Critmas is now a rare occasion- only a Christmas-time event, or the occasional, unscheduled Periscope (go give Critical Scope some love for uploading all of those to YouTube!). We’ll take this as an opportunity to plug the player-selected charities of choice, and the always-awesome 826LA!

Did Percy use his action surge against Umbrasyl?

He did around 3:50:45. Check back on our Umbrasyl articles from last week before the broadcast!

How long will it take for Umbrasyl to deliver a TPK?

That’s complicated, depending on how Umbrasyl rolls, where he lands, what the situation is like in his lair, and how/when the members of Vox Machina catch up to him.

Why does Matt have the players double the dice for a crit rather than rolling twice?

To keep things simpler and to keep the game moving.

How often do the dice majorly determine the storyline or sync up in a cinematic way?

We’d argue that all the dice rolls majorly determine the storyline! :-) Really, though, while there are the occasional Natural 1 or 20 that have obvious impacts on the storyline, there are a significant number of rolls where the impact of the alternate outcome would be much less certain. As such, it’s difficult to gauge what counts as a “significant,” or, dare we say it, “critical” roll.