Quick Answers 15

How many times (and when) did Tiberius introduce himself?

29: We’ve got all of those times detailed here.

What is the male sphinx named?

A name is earned (by watching Episode 49). We’ve got a document with all the riddles that’s spoiler-free as long, as you don’t scroll too far, if you want to figure it out alongside the party.  If you are really intent on spoiling yourself, you can find it on our NPC list.

When did Grog say, “Have you heard the good news of our Lord and Savior MY AXE IN YOUR FACE?!”

Episode 29 (1:29:11)

Who landed the killing blow on dragons in the past?

Zahra on Rimefang, Pike on a white dragon, and Vax’ildan on General Krieg/Brimscythe.

Who gave VM the shrinking potion?

Abjurist Noja

Is there a Critical Role captioning project?

YES!  Critical Role Transcriptions (we <3 them).

Why are the character introductions blurred on the early videos?

As Matt detailed on Reddit, there was a copyright dispute with one of the artists, and this was part of the way of handling it.

When can we expect updates to character sheets for Level 14?

All of Team CRStats is out of town this weekend, and we have some other things on our plates in regards to Episode 55 to take care of before we’ll be able to get to brand new character sheets.  So… soonish?

What type of human is Percy?

As far as we know, he’s a standard, non-variant human.

Have we ever had a higher single-target damage in one turn than Percy’s 172 in Episode 55?

Keyleth’s Tidal Waves in Episode 46 did considerably more than that to each fire elemental they hit, but other than that, Percy’s rampage against Umbrasyl takes the proverbial cake.

Do we (or Scanlan) know that Dr. Dra knows Kaylee’s relationship to Scanlan?

It’s never been officially discussed by Dr. Dranzel and Scanlan on-stream, but Kaylee addressed Scanlan as father in Episode 51 (0:08:01), and Dr. Dra doesn’t react.  So, it seems he was aware enough of it to not be noticeably surprised.

Do you have all of Vex’s winks?

We tracked that for Episodes 1-34 here, though we no longer do.

Why do you think Vax took a level in paladin and not cleric?

We’re not going to speculate, as we’re most curious to see if and how his reasoning plays out in the game!