Quick Answers 16

How much damage could Keyleth have done if her Earth Elemental form teleported inside the dragon?

The earth elemental’s slam attack deals 2d8+7 damage to its target, and it can slam attack twice on a turn.  So, the maximum damage Keyleth could have dealt inside Umbrasyl as an elemental would be 46 damage per round. 

Given the difference between Umbrasyl’s HP and the maximum for an ancient black dragon, would it be reasonable to assume that Vorugal’s HP is somewhere around the 750 mark?

Yep, it’s about that! The “standard” average for an ancient black dragon is 367 (ratio of about 2.3 with Umbrasyl’s HP), so if you use that, the ancient white should scale to 773 from an average of 333. Using the “standard” maximum of 567 (ratio of about 1.5 with Umbrasyl’s HP) gets you 757 if you use the ancient white’s maximum of 504.

Any idea as to how much HP the party had remaining at the end of the Umbrasyl fight? All I remember is that Percy and Trinket were both KO’d by the acid breath and Shale was in single digits.

Shale specifically had 2 HP left, according to Chris. Vex’ahlia, who took no damage in the first part of the Umbrasyl fight, took 81 damage; however, we don’t know how much she healed from the Greater Healing Potion she took mid-battle. We can’t be sure how much everyone else had left because we don’t know how much they healed prior to going into Umbrasyl’s lair.

Hey there, thanks for all your service to this fandom! I was wondering if we ever found out what Laura whispers to Matt at 31 minutes in episode 41?

Laura and Matt have never explicitly told us, but we have a pretty good guess.

At some point between Ep30 - 31 the team got a lot more max HP. Scanlan went from 66 max HP to 101. How did that happen?

Everyone in the party (except Pike) leveled to 12 right around this point, so there’s a natural increase in HP just from leveling. Because it was also level 12, everyone received either an ability score increase or a feat. Scanlan took the Tough feat at this point, which increased his HP another 24 points on top of his level increase, and gives him an additional 2 points every level thereafter. This leaves 11 points to be accounted for with his level increase. Since a bard’s hit die is a d8 and Scanlan’s constitution modifier is only a 2, he may have added the 2 points for this level as well as rolling fairly high. Everyone else appears to have just rolled really well on their level hit dice (the twins and Percy all maximized theirs, and Grog and Keyleth weren’t far off).

I read on a reddit post by Matt that Trinket was buffed a because the Beast Master archetype is considered weak. Do we know what the buffs were or is it just the mere fact that he is a bear (a creature that does not fit the criteria for the PHB version)?

We’ve answered this before, but we’ve learned a little bit since then, so on top of what’s there, here’s what we know. Trinket appears to have received an HP boost, since neither the standard brown bear HP nor 4x Vex’s current ranger level get him to 66. A standard brown bear has an AC of 11, whereas Trinket’s is 21. Since we’re not sure how much of a bonus Trinket gets from his armor, it’s hard to tell if he’s been given an AC boost. Much has also been made of the fact that Trinket is almost as smart as Grog, with an intelligence of 4. A standard brown bear only has an intelligence of 2.

Matt talked about Trinket briefly in Episode 12 (1:45:15).

How different would the battle with Umbrasyl have been if Grog didn’t do any necrotic damage in the second half?

We know that it was the necrotic damage on Grog’s last retaliation attack that put Umbrasyl down. Grog dealt 27+ an unknown amount of necrotic damage during the second battle with Umbrasyl.  Up next in the initiative order would have been Shale, followed by Pike.  Shale had already burned her Action Surge, and would likely have not dealt enough damage on her next strikes to kill the black dragon, if she continued to whack Umbrasyl with her quarterstaff. By that point in the battle, Pike had a couple of 1st level spells, a 5th level spell, and a 6th level spell left (which she was undoubtedly saving for Heal). With high enough rolls, if she spent her 5th level spell on damaging the dragon, she could have gotten the final blow. After her would be Keyleth, who was in Water Elemental form. If she chose to use her multiple slam attacks, there is a possibility that she would have killed him. After her would be Grog, and if Umbrasyl wasn’t dead by now, he would almost certainly die by Grog’s hand. This assumes that Umbrasyl didn’t burn a legendary action to attempt to fly away, do enough damage to render someone unconscious, etc.

What fighting style and oath did Vax take as a paladin? Is there a reason he didn’t use Divine Smite?

Keep in mind, Vax has just multiclassed into paladin, and only has one level in it. His only paladin abilities are Divine Sense and Lay on Hands. Divine Smite and Fighting Style won’t come into play until he puts in a second level (assuming it happens). He also won’t need to choose an Oath until he reaches three levels of paladin (again, assuming it happens).

What can you tell us about Paladins of the Raven Queen?

Not much, unfortunately. Vax is the first paladin/cleric of the Raven Queen we’ve seen, and most of what we know about the Raven Queen herself (in Exandria, at least) was spelled out by Vex during her talk with Vax in episode 48. She’s a lawful neutral goddess of death whose followers have no fear of death or pity for those who have died. She has a particular hatred for those that “live an immortal life,” such as vampires and liches, and for Orcus, the demon lord of undeath.

Hi, in the post-Critmas periscope, Matt said (speaking as a Thordak mini) “there aren’t rules in the DM guide for my challenge rating”, is there anything in particular we can learn from this?

Not much to learn, though we can speculate that Thordak will deviate quite a bit from the standard MM entry. We already know that he’s more than double the size of the other ancient dragons. In addition to the magic that released him from the Plane of Fire (that came from both him and Raishan), we can presume that he’s picked up many skills and tricks in his centuries of existence. That said, Challenge Rating is a pretty arbitrary scale, so it would be difficult to say if the tables available to calculate challenge rating go high enough to track Thordak without seeing anything that he can do.