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Do we know who has the Earrings of Whisper?

In recent episodes (since Episode 37), all members of Vox Machina behave like they have an earring.

Did Matt ever explain how he would handle Reincarnate?

We’ve been told how Pike’s death was handled pre-stream, which was to bring her body to a temple of Sarenrae, enlist the help of a cleric, and go through the revival process he’s previously detailed. As for Reincarnate (PHB 271) specifically, that gets messy enough that we’re doubtful the players would implement it, even to save one of their own. (But imagine the possibilities! The hilarity! The angst! -L)

What episodes did people level throughout the series?

Everyone started at Level 9. We’re currently using this table as our guide for when we noted a change in each character’s level.

What’s the timestamp for when the White Iris is mentioned in episode 56?


How many of the episodes that had no combat occurred immediately after a major encounter?

Of the nine episodes without encounters, we’d consider seven of them to have been preceded by major encounters:

  • Ep14, preceded by K’varn and the Illithid
  • Ep36, preceded by the Briarwoods and Orthax
  • Ep45, preceded by the beholder guarding the Deathwalker’s Ward
  • Ep47, preceded by the Efreet guarding the portal to the Plane of Fire
  • Ep50, preceded by the androsphinx guarding the Mythcarver
  • Ep53, preceded by Kevdak (and the Titanstone Knuckles)
  • Ep56, preceded by Umbrasyl

What phrase does Vex use to activate the broom, and can anyone fly it?

The phrase used to activate this flying broom is the draconic word for candle, which sounds vaguely like hocking a spitball. Anyone can fly it, as far as we can tell.

Vax mentioned in Episode 2 that Umber Hulks are affected by limericks: is that correct in D&D lore?

Vax was being facetious; Umber Hulks are not affected by limericks according to the Monster Manual.

Do you guys have the stats for the twins’ weapons, including which of them requires attunement?

Yep! They can be found on our character sheets here, but since those don’t include which items require attunement:


  • Longbow of the Sky Sentinel: +1 longbow, can generate two additional magical lightning arrows on an attack once per day, requires attunement
  • Bloodseeking longbow: +1 longbow, if bloodseeking is activated, deals 10 additional damage per round on a failed constitution save
  • Blazing bowstring: Deals an additional 1d10 damage


  • Keen Dagger: +2 dagger, critical hit range 19-20, requires attunement
  • Flametongue Dagger: +1 dagger, deals additional flame damage
  • Dagger of Venom: +1 dagger, deals additional poison damage on a failed constitution save
  • Dagger of Life-Stealing: +1 dagger, user heals 10 HP on a critical hit

I was wondering if you could explain how Scanlan’s mansion works? Or which episode it first comes into play?

Scanlan first summoned Mordenkainen’s Magnificent Mansion (PHB 261) in episode 47 (0:13:20), after the group closed the rift to the fire plane ripped open by Raishan and Thordak. The spell itself is rather easy- the caster conjures a mansion of the desired floor plan with servants and a lot of food in an extradimensional space for up to 24 hours. The caster decides who can enter, making it a good place to rest (in luxury) without having to worry about keeping watches.

Can you settle a Reddit Bet? An entire shiny penny is on the line! Can you confirm which tribes of the Ashari that Keyleth has already visited?

Keyleth had visited the Earth Ashari before the stream and before joining the party (Ep22, 2:59:13), and we saw her complete her Ara Mente to Pyrah with the Fire Ashari in Episode 22. She still needs to visit the Water Ashari (Ep56, 3:38:05). It’s unclear whether the Air Ashari have another trial for her when she returns, though she had already learned much from her time there.

How many times has….?

We’re to the point that, if we are ever going to get through all of the asks wanting to know how many times a certain thing happened, we need a lot more help. If you are interested in rewatching an episode-any episode- and looking out for a particular stat from our Current Projects chart, please provide comments on the appropriate tabs in Current Projects and email us at critrolestats@gmail.com.