Quick Answers 18

You guys were very interested in Percy this time!

In which episode did Percy discover that Cass was still alive?

Episode 30 (2:36:28)

Any idea why the party was talking about “attuning” to the Dragon Slayer Longsword? The reason I ask is that according to the DMG the Dragon Slayer Longsword is just a weapon that can be used. Is it just a mistake or something they decided to change?

Matt did state that Vax “reattuned to the Dragon Slaying Longsword” in episode 55 (1:45:19). The description for weapons of Dragon Slaying in the DMG (p166) does not indicate any attunement requirements despite being a magical weapon, so it’s possible that this restriction was added specifically for this game.

Remember Percy’s weird brooch thing he made with the raven skull? Do you guys have any idea what the herbs inside it are for? Is it some secret flower language or something?

TSB: I cannot, and will not, speak flower. (Undertale spoilers in that link!)

Percy hasn’t yet explicitly explained why he picked the particular things (myrhh, sandalwood, opium, and dragon’s blood, stated Ep57, 3:33:47) to put inside the raven skull that he did. A quick Google search reveals that all of those ingredients make a superb incense, but whether or not they can also be used for spell components, we can’t say. Update: @caveat-monstrum has written an analysis on what each component represents and how they might be interpreted to be used together.

What times did Percy express interest in visiting the Raven Queen temple? The Trial of the Take or after they visit Vasselheim when the dragon attacked?

Episode 42 (3:36:42) is the first interest he expresses in visiting the Raven Queen.

Do we know what title the de Rolos hold?

Of Rolos. …No, we’re not entirely sure.

Do you have a Perc'ahlia moments page?

Yep, here, along with any other ships that critters want to maintain.

Did Percy get any stat boost or any bonuses from his shadow/demon possession?

Only when he was attacking one of the enemies whose name was carved into the pepperbox; then, he dealt an extra d6 of damage.

Did each of the 4 dragons choose a city like Umbrasyl did Westrunn? Where are the other dragons supposed whereabouts?

The only one we know for certain is Thordak, the red dragon, who is sitting comfortably in a now-volcanic Emon. Assuming the landscape around Vorugal, the white dragon, reacts like it did to Rimefang, Vox Machina will be looking for an area that is snowy. Knowing that Raishan, the green dragon, is a very advanced spell-caster who successfully hid amongst the Fire Ashari for years, there is absolutely no telling where she could be. …Or is that you asking this question, RAISHAN?! (Only TSB thinks everyone is Raishan. -A)

How much damage did each member of the group deal to Umbrasyl?

  • Grog 370
  • Percy 321
  • Vex’ahlia 219
  • Pike 117
  • Vax’ildan 99
  • Scanlan 93
  • Shale 20
  • Keyleth 8

In episode 50, around the 1hour 20min mark, Vax rolled a 30 on an athletics check. Is that possible, or did Liam make a dex check?

What’s more likely is that Liam made an acrobatics check instead, for which he has a +15 bonus.

Hey, could you maybe signal boost Critical Role Transcriptions? I think they need a lot more people helping out, and I really want to watch critical role, but I have auditory processing issues, and the most recent episodes aren’t transcribed.

We’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again: we <3 Critical Role Transcriptions. They’ve worked with Geek and Sundry to get CC for Episode 1, and with the help of volunteers, they can slowly but surely get more episodes covered!