Quick Answers 19

The people are asking to hear our voice/over Pike’s mysterious romantic choice/if you were to ask us who we would promote….

(We will stop using Hamilpuns eventually….BUT IT IS NOT THIS DAY!)

What episode and time did Percy utter the immortal line “Your secret is safe with my indifference”?

Episode 45 (2:18:07)

Do you guys have any idea what spell Gilmore used on his assassin?

Matt answered that one on Twitter: a spell of the DM’s (and Gilmore’s) creation. It’s not the first time we’ve seen a special spell in use, either (Drake’s lightning travel spell).

Where did Matt say he bought his minis?

Many of the minis that Matt has are available from Wizards of the Coast and Amazon. He has also stated that Troll & Toad and Reaper Miniatures are great places to get inexpensive minis, as well.

Do you keep track of initiative order during each battle? I’d be interested in comparing things like percent damage inflicted vs initiative order, etc.

We do over on our All Rolls chart.

Is there a playlist available anywhere of songs that Matt uses?

He provided it here.

What is the website that has the archives of all of the different accents that Matt mentioned during a convention panel?

The International Dialects of English Archive (IDEA) can be found at www.dialectsarchive.com

How close of friends are the CR actors in real life?

Well, we’re not them, so we aren’t going to begin to speculate on their personal lives (because, really, it’s none of our business!). What we CAN say is that Laura and Travis are married to each other, and Marisha and Matt have been together for a number of years and just bought a house together!  

Has it ever been confirmed who the person the group saw in the woods outside Whitestone is?

It has not!

Yo, use your Sherlock Holmes powers and predict who Pike’s crush is, pretty please~?

And spoil the fun for the rest of you?! …Okay, we’re good, but we’re not mind readers. We gave what evidence we had a little while back, and Pike still isn’t saying anything other than she already has her on eye on him. That said, we’ve got our own theories. ;-)