Quick Answers 2

The inbox has gotten full again. Rapid fire question answering, round two. Go!

Can we get a list of all the Critmas gifts?

We’re working on it, and are nearly done!

What’s the average d20 roll?

We can’t answer that one until we have all of the natural rolls calculated. While we’ve calculated proficiencies the best we can, we’re waiting until we have confirmation on all skills to begin that side of the project.

How long is the series?

We’ve got just about every possibility of that (total time on the air, total time playing, total length of each break, etc.) calculated on our Running Times table. You can usually expect it to be updated immediately after the broadcast. The table also contains a page for combat times, as well as a count of who was available for each episode.

Character Ages

The only ages we know for sure are the twins, who are 27.  Scanlan is older than everyone else, but won’t say how old. Percy is likely in his late 20s, early 30s, based on how old Cassandra was (early 20s).  

Can we get a HDYWTDT count on the kills total?

We have the HDYWTDT list and the kills list, but the counts for both (and many more stats!) are available on the Ranking page.

Did Vax drop a level?

We think it’s safe to presume that there was a stat card mix-up in Episode 44.

Character Heights/Appearance?

Everything we know about what the characters look like is on our Character Sheets (which we’ll be updating in the near future, so if you see something missing, it’ll get worked out after our next edit).

Allura’s age?

We don’t know, it’s never been specifically mentioned.

How do you know everything?

How much money does Vox Machina currently have?

The only person who knows that is Vex!

Do you know when Laura dismissed Matt’s explanations with a “That’s nice” because she was excited about something else?

Episode 03 (0:22:43) Thanks to @Onikaton123 for the find!

What episode did Laura’s pictures arrive?

Episode 21 (4:30:27)

How did Percy make the skull disappear into the table?

He cast Minor Illusion. The skull was still there, but Grog wasn’t sticking his hand into anything else that could potentially burn his hands in Percy’s workshop!

When did Vax have an identity crisis?

We’re guessing you’re referencing Vax’s discussion with Vex in Episode 39 about what they were doing with Vox Machina (3:15:54).