Quick Answers 20

Today, we’re talking about character heights, nicknames, Grog’s *sharp* new hat, and more!

How tall is everyone?

In which episode does Pike’s amulet break?

To quote the last time we answered this: Pike’s murderous actions (Ep07, 0:39:07) resulted in the crack in her holy symbol, first noticed as Vox Machina prepared to cross the expanse of glass and bone (Ep08, 1:26:27). Sarenrae repaired it in Episode 15 (0:48:56).

In what episode did they start singing “This was a triumph”?

Episode 06 (1:18:52). Try searching the Media References for any other moments you might think of!


What are the Stats on Grog’s new “Hat”.

It’s a hat. As far as we know, it doesn’t have any stats, though it sure looks sharp. In more ways than one.

Did the team recover the immovable rod after the Umbrasyl Incident?

They did; Vex grabbed it in Episode 55 (0:30:44).

Do we have character sheets from this week’s one shot?

Beyond Travis’s intelligence being low and Taliesin’s being “a compliment?” Alas, we do not. We know everyone was level 1, Sam was a ranger, Taliesin was a warlock, Laura was a rogue, and Travis was a fighter, with level 20 cameos from Marisha (Way of the Four Elements monk) and Matt (bard). That’s about it. (We have deduced a couple more numbers, but no where near enough to recreate the sheets.)

Do you think Tiberius could ever come back? Even if it’s for a single session?

We’re not going to speculate because anything could happen, and Matt answered this question at a con Q&A.

I’ve been trying to find the song that plays in Episode 58 during the break between the 2:32:00 and 2:33:36 time markers? Is there a way to find that out?

We don’t know what it is; Critters, any idea? On a related note, while we almost never know what the songs are that play before the show or during the intermission, Overclocked Remix is the place to look for video game remixes; it’s where G&S usually pulls them from in the first place, after all!