Quick Answers 21

Do we know what the jug that they got from Umbrasyl’s lair does?

We do, thanks to Grog’s cravings in Episode 56 (1:06:39). When you get done with that, check out the animated version here. (For those of you with a DMG, turn to page 150 for its full capabilities!)

Do we know what spells Sam/Scanlan has taken from him spell thief ability for being a bard?

We’re guessing you mean the spells he’s learned as Magical Secrets.  So far, we know he has Counterspell, Lightning Bolt, Otiluke’s Resilient Sphere, and Bigby’s Hand. He gained two more when he leveled to 14 in Episode 58, but hasn’t had much of an opportunity to show them off as of yet. It is also possible he swapped out Lightning Bolt, Otiluke’s Resilient Sphere, or Counterspell for other non-bard spells when he leveled, as Matt has allowed this in the past and we haven’t seen them used since he leveled.

Do you have Diplomacy’s full profile? (Creation time, uses, damage output, uses per charge, exact charging parameters, storage, time to inert, what about the gland from the Behir?)

  • Creation time: 4 tinkering checks and a wisdom check from Keyleth
  • Uses:
    • Episode 24 (2:41:15) On Tiberius 14 Lightning Damage
    • Episode 34 (2:52:16) On Sylas 23 Lightning Damage
  • Damage Output: d12+Proficiency+Dexterity Modifier
  • Uses per charge: Unknown
  • Exact charging parameters: Unknown, though lightning bolts have charged it twice
  • Storage: Unknown
  • Time to inert: Unknown
  • Behir gland: Percy has had no time to experiment with it since getting it

In what episode does Laura sing “Scanlan makes you feel good”?

Episode 25 (3:28:36)

Who has what in their inventories?

We don’t know, and it’s really hard to keep track when they’ll trade with each other mid-episode. However, BigTimmy053 has compiled a list of items in the Bag of Holding, updated to at least Episode 50.

Out of each individual battle, how many individual rounds or turns of battle have there been for each battle?

We track that over on our Running Times table, as well as episode & battle lengths and attendance.

How often and when does Vex wink? I believe you stopped counting after Episode 34.

You’re correct; as we said in Quick Answers 15, we stopped counting Vex’s winks after Episode 34. We don’t have the capacity to track all things forever; otherwise, we could never get to more recent Critter curiosities! That said, if you’re really interested in keeping past stats up to date, we always need volunteers. Feel free to pick up an old project to keep up to date in addition to the many that we’re already working on!