Quick Answers 22

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Onto the questions!

During Liam’s one shot, was Taliesin’s rod just a catalyst for warlock spells (and if so was he just slinging out eldritch blasts) or the actual tentacle rod item?

From what we can tell, it was just a catalyst for warlock spells.  When he used it, none of the attacks for the tentacle rod were implemented.

Do you have a list of Liam’s bootleg versions of Mercer’s catch-phrases from his one-shot campaign?

  • “You may indubitably give it your best effort.”
  • “You can certainly have at it.”
  • “Do something or Imma pass you by.”
  • “In what manner would you like to kill this?”
  • “Is it the day before Friday yet?”

What ever happened to their sponsorship by Wyrmwood Gaming? They just stopped mentioning it. Was anything ever said about it?

Someone just asked something similar during Matt, Marisha, and Taliesin’s Periscope!  Though it’s not mentioned regularly any more since Loot Crate (use code CRITICALROLE) has taken over official sponsorship of Critical Role episodes, the coupon code CRITROLE still works for Wyrmwood Gaming!  

What episode do we hear Trinket speak for the first time?

Episode 19 (1:18:05) “I’ll do whatever it takes to protect my Vex. If this creature tries anything, I will tear its throat from its head.”

After episode 60, have you considered adding “Polymachina” to the “Ship Moments” page? I have a feeling that it will be joked about in the future, and it would be amusing to keep track of.

We’ve taken our hands off shipping moments, due to the mostly subjective nature of what qualifies as a “shipping moment.” As such, we rely on our volunteers to keep those up to date. If you would care to regularly update your preferred ship, let us know, and we’ll see that you’re able to edit it.

When is Lycan Percy ever brought up? I keep seeing fanart and have no idea where it’s from?

Lycan Percy seems to have sprung forth from fandom creativity, rather than events that happened on the show.

In The Sunken Tomb, did we ever learn why the floor of the lake had no plant growth?

Officially, no. We do have a couple of thoughts, though. The beholder that lay in wait in the tomb could have had an affect on the area around it. It’s also worth noting that the Duskmeadow (the area of Vasselheim dedicated to the Raven Queen) is unable to grow anything because of the wards that protect it from the undead. It wouldn’t be too far outside the realm of possibility for the tomb of the Raven Queen’s champion to be similarly warded, thus preventing the growth of any plant life above it.