Quick Answers 23

Will there be a new Critical Role episode on August 4th (today)?

No; the new episode this week will be live at GenCon on August 6th, at 8 PM EST (5 PM PST, two hours earlier than usual).

I recall that one time Percy crit on his Dead Shot ability and it turned out to be a very cool and badass moment. Do you happen to recall the episode and have a timestamp for when that happened and what was the total damage for that shot?

If you’re interested in crits, you can find all of them at links on our Running Stats page.  We’re pretty sure you’re referring to Percy’s Violent Shot against Lady Delilah Briarwood in Episode 34 (3:39:40). He dealt 50 damage (42 piercing + 8 ice), but because she was wearing the Cloak of Displacement that Vax now wears, she only took 29 damage (21 piercing + 8 ice). If you’re interested in rolls and their resulting damages, check out our All Rolls chart.  Or, if you’re interested in spells and their results, check out our Spells Cast chart.

Any chance you’d be able to give us a mockup of what VM’s level 1 character sheets would have been like? (Particularly Percy’s?)

Perhaps eventually! The difficult part is figuring out their ability scores; our very first sheets already have at least two ASIs/feats built in, so we may not know exactly what their starting scores were. Also, since they started in Pathfinder and we don’t know if those sheets even exist anymore, it would be extremely complicated to attempt to rebuild the original level 1 sheets.

Max viewers count live (I live in Europe so never get to see it live only VODs).

We don’t know; we’re so busy during the livestream that we can’t track it. We reached out to Geek & Sundry, but they, understandably, keep their analytics private.

Is there a Monster analysis for the little Liams from the one-shot?

We included a paragraph on them at the end of our Conan O’Brien Monster Analysis.

Is there a compilation of all of Scanlan’s cutting words?

There is, in fact, a compilation of all of his bardic inspirations and musical moments here.

What is Scanlan’s new charisma now that he finished the book?

As Sam tweeted, Scanlan’s charisma score is now 22, which means his charisma modifier is +6!

Do you have the modifiers?

What we have of the modifiers we’ve put on our Character Sheets. We’re having trouble with our PDF editors, so they haven’t been updated in a little while (and we know there are a few mistakes).

How many rolls have there been in the entire series?

As of episode 61, Vox Machina has rolled a d20 5845 times. This includes rolls that were disregarded due to advantage/disadvantage/luck. If you take damage, healing, beard checks, and assorted other types of rolls into account, the total climbs to 7139. By the way, if you’re curious about the frequency of natural 20s and natural 1s, we have this lovely chart broken up by character. Be warned, the percentages for the guest characters are more an effect of small number statistics than an actual real thing. Percy’s obscene 7.13%, however, appears to be real:

How many times does the cast say (insert word here)?/How many times has the cast done (insert action here)?

With there now being 60+, 3+ hour long episodes, going back over the entire series with a fine-tooth comb to find instances of particular actions or words is no longer feasible. We have truly phenomenal volunteers. We can make the best use of their time, and get answers out to the critters faster, if we narrow our focus. So, if you have a question like these that’s limited to a defined block of episodes, we could add it onto our list.

For example, if you’re curious about Percy and Cassandra’s interactions, that would be manageable; Cass doesn’t turn up until Episode 33, and makes limited appearances outside of the Briarwood arc. As a second example, we’re working on one now that involves mentions of The Raven Queen. She was mentioned a couple of times during the Trial of the Take, and then not again until Episode 42. We’ll finish up our current lists of Various Stats and Word Counts, but going forward, we will only be taking on requests that fit these kinds of specifications.

If you’re interested in helping us out on any of our projects, message us here or (preferably) send us an email at critrolestats@gmail.com. We <3 you, Critters!