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Hey guys, thanks for all your hard work! Out of curiosity, do you think you could count the Blindspot references in Critical Role? Sam made a Blindspot pun one episode and I about died.

Thanks! For future reference, we track ALL media-related references over here. Here are the Blindspot ones:

  • (Ep32, 1:18:17) Matt: You’ve been too busy, being in someone’s blind spot
  • (Ep48, 2:37:05) Scanlan: Starring Ashley Johnson: Blindsight.
  • (Ep48, 2:58:13) Sam: Ashley Blindside.  Travis: Blindspot.
  • (Ep59, 1:00:05) Sam: Let Pike get rid of this blind spot so we can all be together again!

As a parallel to “Times a member of Vox Machina has consumed something” you should do a “Times a member of Vox Machina has been consumed” e.g. Grog last session or Scanlan in the ice worm.

Luckily, there haven’t been many times where a member of Vox Machina was consumed by an enemy.

  • Scanlan (Ep39, 0:40:50) Purple Worm
  • Vax’ildan (Ep39, 1:22:34) Frost Worm
  • Vax’ildan and Scanlan (Ep54, 3:09:44) Umbrasyl (though technically they transported themselves into his stomach)
  • Grog (Ep62, 1:14:40) Feymire Crocodile

Is the flying thing from the Deathwalker’s Ward the Avenging Angel feature from the Oath of Vengeance for paladins?

To the best of our knowledge, the wings are a feature of the armor itself that were only “unlocked” after Vax went to the temple of the Raven Queen. Vax only has a single level in paladin, so he does not yet have an Oath, and the Avenging Angel feature is only available at level 20 (PHB 88). We don’t know for sure if there is an “aura of menace” associated with them or not, since Vax has not yet used the wings in the presence of an enemy creature. However, Gilmore, who performed the Identify spell on the armor (Ep58, 2:13:00), never mentioned it, so we think it unlikely. The flight ability is indeed similar to the Avenging Angel feature, so it is possible that Matt borrowed aspects of the feature for the armor.

To all who have asked us various questions about Challenge Rating (and there are a lot of you):

We’re working on it!

When did Keyleth exclaim “I’m wise as sh**”?

She declared that she is ‘wise as f***’ twice: Episode 27 (3:16:30) and Episode 61 (2:56:21).

I know that you deal in statistics, but is there anyway that we (the fans) could have a collective archive of all the CR fan-art?

We’d recommend you check out Critical Role Source, who reblogs a lot of Critical Role fan art! Also, be sure to check out the galleries that Geek & Sundry posts every week (accumulated in a very nice list here on Reddit).

Alter Self is not a Druid spell.

You must have checked out our All Spells Cast document that we posted! Alter Self is a spell that level 14 Circle of the Moon druids—like Keyleth—can cast at will thanks to their Thousand Forms ability (PHB 96). That’s why we notate it as a 2nd level spell, cast at-will whenever she uses it. If you’re interested in learning more about druids, check out pages 64-69 of your Player’s Handbook!

Which archetype did Pike choose?

War Cleric.

How many things has Trinket killed?

We’ve given him credit for 4.5 kills. Speaking of which, we have lists posted for that and an FAQ!

Who was the dwarf that owned the bar in Kraghammer?

Adra. Allow us to point you to our NPC List!

How many times have members of Vox Machina died and from what?

We have the list of the times that Vox Machina went unconscious/died and how here.

Do you know how/when Percy’s intelligence became 18?

We do; he took a +2 to his Intelligence as his level 14 Ability Score Increase starting in Episode 58.