Quick Answers 25

Lots of questions with already charted answers. Here’s where you can find them!

How much time has passed ICly (not RL) since the attack of the Chroma Conclave up until the start of the Feywild Arc?

It was 25 days from the time the Chroma Conclave attacked to the day Vox Machina first entered the Feywild. If you want to know more about in-game time passed, we have a page dedicated to that!

In the past episode they talked about “upgrading” some of the vestiges that they have already acquired (Grog with Titanstone Knuckles and Scanlan with Mythcarver). I don’t recall any mentions of the vestiges being able to upgrade? Is this a thing that was mentioned or something the players decided might be possible and just tried it out?

Our best guess is that they noticed that Vax’s Deathwalker’s Ward got an ‘upgrade’ once he took communion with the Raven Queen, and decided that maybe their vestiges had unlockable abilities as well.

How many times in the series that certain episodes didn’t have the full cast?/Can you guys please list the episodes in which Ashley has appeared in studio and via Skype. Basically all the episodes where Pike had starred, excluding the times Matt had played her.

This sheet on our Running Times table lists all the appearances and absences of each character over the main episodes of Critical Role. For Ashley specifically, she has been present for 31 episodes as of Episode 63, Skype included.

Fights per episode. I’m trying to learn the combat system better so I’m trying to backtrack episodes with battles. Kill Box being good.

This sheet on the Running Times page lists every single combat encounter in the series, including in which episode they appeared, what time they start and end in the Youtube video, and how long they lasted both in and out of game.

Did we ever see Percy name Anna Ripley’s gun “Retort” on the stream? I don’t remember him officially giving it the name, but he’s been calling it that for several weeks now. Did I miss it?

He uses the name Retort on-stream at least starting in Episode 51 (0:31:24). If someone remembers- and can find the timestamp- him using it earlier (because we know he named it earlier), we’ll gladly update!

Do we know why one of Vex’s favored terrains is the Underdark? Her favored enemy is part of her backstory, and the forest sorta works too with Trinket and growing up in Syngorn and everything, so I was wondering if the Underdark had a reason behind it too.

We can’t come up with an exact time, but we think we remember that Laura mentioned that she knew they were going to be going to the Underdark to find Kima, so Vex studied up on it in the 6 months they were apart.

I don’t know if you’ve done this already, but do you have a list of times Laura has tried to haggle?

We do!

Is the Vestige, Whisper, a dagger or a sword?

We don’t know yet. Everything we know about the Vestiges can be found here.

In episode 63 Sam mentions that Taliesin rolls “at least five a session” for natural twenties. Could we see the actual average of natural twenties that he rolls per session?

Taliesin rolls, on average, 1.05 Natural 20s per session. You can find a list of all Natural 20s, Natural 1s, and DM Crits here.

How many times has Matt trolled the party, similarly to the broom?

Most notably, Episode 38 (2:29:36), (2:29:59), (2:37:22), & (2:39:34); and Episode 53 (1:23:20), (1:24:24), & (1:36:04).

What race and approximate age is Allura?

Allura is a human, confirmed by Matt on Twitter a number of times. She is old enough that she was an adventurer with Kima and Drake Thunderbrand some 15 years ago when they battled Thordak.