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How many times has Matt worn the SHINRA shirt? It must be comfy because he wears it so much.

Eight times: episodes 19, 28, 43, 52, Q&A and Battle Royale: Take II, Deadlands One-Shot, 61, and 65.

Have you guys kept track of all of the times Sam has advertised something? Those are honestly some of the funniest moments of the show (and that’s saying something).

We did for the first 60 episodes!

Do you have a list of links for all the Q&A sessions the crew have held?

Episode 4, Episode 10, Comic Con 2015, Q&A and Battle Royale I & II, Comic Con 2016 1 & 2

I’m trying to find that bit with Lady Kima drinking because of Vox Machina’s inability to plan quickly. can you provide any help?

Episode 44 (0:40:40)

If Syngorn was hit and they did the protection that moved it to the fey realm, if the dragons or dragon were inside the city when it was moved. Would they have gone with it?

This one was asked a while back, and we waited to answer until we got a little more information about how Syngorn transports itself. From what we could glean from the explanations of the Threshold Crests, it sounds like if the crests were activated with the dragon inside, the dragon would go with it to the Feywild. However, as the crests are designed to allow the city to escape impending attack, we doubt that the High Warden Tirelda and the other rulers of the city would use the crests if a dragon was already within the city walls.

I keep seeing the rumor/theory that the Deathwalker’s Ward was originally meant for Percy. Has Matt ever confirmed/denied/commented on this?

Not that we know of!

I noticed that in episode 42: Dangerous Dealings, Sam says something at around 1:56:37, and the rest of the party is completely shocked, but what he says is completely cut (at least from the YouTube version). Any idea what he said?

We think they’re expressing shock that Scanlan can’t heal himself sans-potion when he was so low on health, so he opts to Thunderwave.

Languages spoken

All of CRStats is fluent in English; we speak varying degrees of conversational Spanish, and the occasional words in German, French, Italian, and Latin.

Vox Machina’s known languages are listed on their character sheets. We also previously answered this here.

You have Percy listed as Gunslinger 14. I think he’s a Gunslinger 13/Warlock 1. Uses hex, friends, minor illusion and such.

As we have listed on his character sheet, he took the Magic Initiate feat at level 12, which allows him to cast Hex, Friends, and Minor Illusion. You can read more about his spell use on our Spells Cast chart.