Quick Answers 27

To all the people asking us to track Vox Machina’s nicknames and endearments:

We’re working on it!

When does Keyleth talk about religion?

As best we can recall, Episodes 8 (51:30-54:00, argument with Kima), 9 (1:24:02-1:24:15, 1:27:19-1:27:40, a couple quick statements), 53 (0:21:48-0:24:46, a conversation with Theodore’s mother), 54 (1:30:00-1:33:30, conversation with Vax), 57 (1:21:02-1:22:50, conversation with Vax), and 58 (2:59:14-3:04:52, conversation with Pike). Thanks to @MirumotoTairu for the last one!

What version of D&D does Critical Role play?

Fifth edition with some house rules thrown in.

At some point in episode 55, Matt mentions that Umbrasyl is looking pretty rough and Travis calls him a liar and bringer of death. Could you find that please?

Man, this sucker was elusive, but it’s at 1:28:36: “That’s because he’s a liar and a bringer of death, and he’s smiling at you while he does it.”

Is the sparkstone Keyleth gained way back when they completed the Fire AraMente a home brew item? If so is there any other info on it?

As far as we can tell, it’s homebrewed.

Shouldn’t Vex’s passive perception be way higher? It should be 10 + perception bonus. Vex’s perception is +12 from Rogue’s Expertise and her +2 Wisdom modifier, but she also has +5 from the Observant feat, and that would put her at 27. Am I incorrect about something?

We answered this one on Twitter a while back here. FYI, though the stat cards on G&S still don’t reflect the change, Laura confirmed to us that she took a +2 increase to her Wisdom at Level 12, so her modifier is +3.

Where I can find a written recap of what happened in each episode? Thanks!

Critical Role Source has a list of all of the episodes here. You can find links on that page to recaps to written by vox-machina for the first 30 episodes. You can also check out the Critical Role Wiki for the complete episode list, with synopses for every episode.

I was wondering if you happened to know, how old is Theodore, the little child rescued in Episode 52: The Kill Box?

Other than being young, it’s never been clarified.

How old do you think Scanlan could be? I know he’s definitely older than the rest of VM but I’ve heard theories ranging from being in his 40’s to being hundreds of years old.

No one has any idea because Sam and Scanlan won’t say. When he describes himself as much older than the rest of VM, he could be speaking:

  • Hyperbolically- As in, “Oh yes, I am SO INCREDIBLY OLD FOR SURE. I am the oldest to ever age.”
  • Comparatively- Vex, Vax, and Keyleth are all rather young for half-elves, and Percy is fairly early into adulthood for a human, so it’s not far outside the realm of possibility for Scanlan to be further along in his years than they are in theirs.
  • Literally- Gnomes live between 350 and 500 years, so for him to being feeling his age, he would have to be in his hundreds.

When was the time Percy and Keyleth stayed up all night to make potions? I got the feeling it was in Whitestone but I looked and I can’t find it. Thanks!

You weren’t wrong-it did happen in Whitestone, just later than the Whitestone arc: Episode 45 (2:25:58), in preparation for going to Pyrah.