Quick Answers 28

The questions keep on coming!

How much would it cost to enchant Percy’s Bad News so he can do magical piercing damage and avoid another situation like with the Golem and the Rakshasa?

We answered something similar to this a long while back about the Pepperbox (RIP). Using the Pathfinder ruleset, should Percy be satisfied with turning Bad News into a +1 weapon that deals magical, non-elemental piercing damage, we optimistically estimate that it would cost him 2000 gold plus the cost of enlisting a powerful mage to focus on enchanting the weapon for two days. If he wanted a more powerful enchantment, the time and gold cost goes up exponentially.

EDIT: To answer the question “What about enchanting the ammunition instead?”: it can be done, but for the time it takes, you may as well enchant the weapon that fires it, unless you put a very specific enchantment on the ammo, like dragon slaying.

I’d like to know if NPC sheets have been released for recurring NPCs, particularly Gilmore, Allura, and Kima.

They haven’t! Though, we have talked about Kima’s abilities based on what we’ve seen from her previously here. As for Gilmore and Allura, we know Gilmore is powerful enough to create a spell of such a high level that he can one-shot an assassin via implosion, and Gilmore thinks that Allura is even more powerful than him.

EDIT: Allura is technically an Arcanist, which carries over from their days in Pathfinder. We’re fairly sure that Gilmore is some kind of Wizard or Arcanist based on what we’ve seen of his abilities, though we don’t think it’s ever been clarified.

Scanlan’s unseen servant has a name, right? What is it?

It depends on the episode whether, and how, Scanlan names his unseen servant. He’s used Jarvis (Ep06, 1:33:30), Darrell (Ep29, 0:39:12), and Mort (Ep53, 1:29:48).

Does Scanlan’s hand cone make him any louder?

Nope, just increases his spell save DC by 2.

It’d be cool to see the party’s magical items or special items cards, are they posted anywhere?

The ones that have been posted are Liam’s here, or when Matt posted the item card for Craven Edge.

I know for a fact that Mercer made a Tal'Dorei map, has he mapped out any other areas yet?

We’re sure he has mapped them out, but he hasn’t released maps of them. We suspect that those areas may be further detailed in the Critical Role RPG book, which should be out some time next year.

Where did you find the sheets for their spells that are attached to their character sheets?

They were created in Photoshop for us by the illustrious @fmacanadaguy.

What is Scanlan’s new charisma after finishing the book?

22, with a modifier of +6!

I was just wondering if you knew anything about how many times Vax and Keyleth have gone to each other’s rooms. I’m looking for specifically one time where Scanlan mentions something about how good Vax looks that morning.

The instance you’re looking for is Episode 42 (3:08:25). Scanlan made the comment that Vax looked like he was glowing at (3:11:35).

Hi! Great work with the number crunchings! One thing that I was not able to find on the site was a list of how many episodes each player has participated in. I wanted to know who of all the players have appeared in the most number of episodes, but couldn’t find it on here (my guess is on either Marisha or Laura). Such a list would be fun to see, if you would be interested in doing one.

We keep that updated regularly on the third page of our Running Times table, here. And you’re right; as of episode 66, Laura and Marisha are tied for most core episode appearances with 63. However, if we’re being super technical, Marisha wins out for being present in-studio for the most episodes, also with 63 (64, counting episode 12).

In episode 65, Percy said he’s never rolled a good investigation check. In their known history, is that true? What’s been his best one?

While it certainly seems like he’s rolled more naturally single-digit dice on his investigation checks, Percy did catch three natural 20 investigation checks over the course of the series:

  • Ep31 (p2, 0:06:45) Investigating Count Tylieri’s desk
  • Ep33 (p1, 1:04:34) Investigating Anna Ripley’s desk
  • Ep38 (2:18:53) Investigating traps in General Krieg’s former residence

Do we have stats on all the times that Trinket has spoken?

Though Trinket communicates a fair bit, the only times we’ve understood what he said are:

  • Episode 19 (1:17:40) Zahra used Beast Speech to talk to Trinket
  • Episode 45 (2:08:40) Keyleth used Speak with Animals initially to speak with Galdrick, but was able to also utilize it to ask Trinket how he was feeling about the Raven’s Slumber Crystal.
  • Episode 59 (1:14:57) Vex cast Speak with Animals for the first time
  • Episode 60 (2:34:57) Vex cast Speak with Animals again, and could understand the conversation between Orlan the Ghost Bear and Trinket.