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Did Pike ever actually order stealthy armor from Gilmore?

Yes…ish. Pike asked Gilmore in Episode 14 (2:59:24), if she could commission him to make her armor that would be very heavy and very quiet. He said it could be done in about a month, and for a cost of 8000 gp (not including the price of the armor itself). Vax commented that it was, ‘worth it,’ and after a brief discussion on how Vax wasn’t trying to use Gilmore to get a better deal, Pike commented ‘ok,’ and the conversation moved on. No money was paid as a down payment, and it wasn’t brought up again.

How close did the group come to defeating the Briarwoods in Emon?

Very close to killing Sylas, less than halfway to killing Delilah. They were so close to turning Sylas to mist the first time, we’re surprised he didn’t-he took 203 damage in both battles. Delilah, on the other hand, only took 93 damage in the first battle, and somewhere around 200 damage in the second round.

How long has it been since Vax’s encounter with the rakshasa? According to traditional rules, assuming Matt keeps those, how long until it will be able to come back?

It has only been a mere 13 days since Hotis was sent back to the Nine Hells. He’s going to be stewing for quite a while; it took him 76 days to return last time. Check out our Time Passed In-Game doc for more!

How many times has Grog, or any other player for that matter, rolled a negative on a skill check, i.e. Grog’s Investigation roll in The Streets of Ank'Harel (2:34:42)?

There’s only been one confirmed one: Lyra had a -1 for her Initiative in Episode 19 (1:59:13) after rolling a Natural 1. We have a few unconfirmed instances that could have been negative skill checks for Tiberius, who had a -3 Wisdom modifier for most of the show:

  • Episode 7 (0:21:25) Perception
  • Episode 20 (2:42:07) Perception
  • Episode 21 (1:35:20) Perception
  • Episode 22 (1:57:41) Animal Handling

It is next to impossible for the rest Vox Machina to roll a negative skill check because none of them has a -3 modifier for any skill. In fact, Grog’s Investigation check in Episode 65 mentioned wasn’t officially negative; Travis rolled a Natural 1, and in their game, they honor Nat1s and Nat20s, but Travis mentioned the negative total because it was funny.

Did Vex ever tie the Blazing Bowstring to Fenthras?

We don’t know yet, as she hasn’t had the opportunity to really use it! She fired a lightning arrow at the Cobalt Golem, but it dealt spell damage, rather than specific damage from the bow.

So, it took Vax coming to terms with the Raven Queen and becoming a paladin to fully unlock the power of the Death Walker’s Ward. Is there any clue at what needs to be done to “awaken” the others?

The visit to the mage at the Crystal Chateau provided some enlightenment on this one. He referred to the other vestiges as different than Vax’s because they aren’t connected to a particular deity. He found no other potential effects or powers in theirs. It will be interesting to see if, should Vox Machina find the Spire of Conflux (which is tied to Melora), the staff has any powers that are only accessible through a deeper connection to the deity.

Is there a list of the times when members of VM had a dream?

  • Percy (Ep27, 0:17:06) The de Rolos dying, everything burning, Orthax
  • Percy (Ep32, 2:47:11) The de Rolos hanging from the Sun Tree, Cassandra screaming out to him, skull with a bleeding eye socket, Orthax speaking
  • Vax (Ep47, 0:53:53) The Raven Queen
  • Grog (Ep47, 0:56:46) Killing everyone in sight and finally earning Kevdak’s respect
  • Vax (Ep58, 2:34:27) Nightmares courtesy of the Rakshasa’s curse- Gilmore stabbing him, friends and family being ripped apart by demons

Have you got it listed when/how often Vax uses his wings?

  • Episode 58 (2:14:42) With Gilmore
  • Episode 61 (2:14:03) In the Moonbrush looking for Keyleth
  • Episode 62 (0:19:26) Attempting to get over the Gilded Run
  • Episode 63 (3:39:07) In the tree battling Sondur
  • Episode 64 (2:20:40) To fly Keyleth and himself into Draconia Thanks to onceandfuturekiki for this one!
  • Episode 67 (2:28:48) Flying next to the Deera
  • Episode 67 (3:16:19) Flying with Keyleth to Ripley’s ship, then grabbing Percy to bring him to Glintshore

In miles, roughly how large is Emon? i’m trying to build a city of my own, but i’d like a reference point.

It’s never been exactly said, but it’s large. For information on it, check out the Critical Role Wikia Page!

Has anyone kept track of the amount of times any other person than Matt has facepalmed?

If anyone has, we don’t know about it! While it may be an interesting stat to track, we’d like to remind everyone that we no longer accept requests that span the entire series. We still regularly track Matt’s facepalms, though!

Do we know when the next Critmas is?

We don’t. If you want to send something to them, you can still mail it to their PO Box. Please, also consider donating to one of their chosen charities!

Does Vex have any melee attacks?

She owns a dagger that she hasn’t put to use (lately). She used a wooden stake against a Vampire Spawn in Episode 30 (1:17:34 and 1:17:47), and attempted to whack Vax with her broom in Episode 62 (0:21:36). She also has Trinket, whose melee bite, claw, and cannonball attacks can be utilized along with or in place of Vex’s attacks.

In the episode “Hope,” Percy and Keyleth were talking about lineage and lifespans and Keyleth/Marisha mentions that if she completes her journey, Keyleth my very well live to upward of a thousand years. Is this possible for D&D or something in Matt’s specific setting?

This is actually a druid feature! Starting at 18th level, druids age 10 times more slowly than normal (Timeless Body, PHB 67). For a half-elf like Keyleth, who is still fairly young, a thousand years is well within the realm of possibility.