Quick Answers 3

It’s time again for some more quick answers to Critters’ questions!

How much money has been donated to various charities because of Critical Role?

We have no way of determining a total value.  Sorry!  We have calculated how much they’ve earned for various events, but how much has been earned for 826LA or other charities would be known only by Geek and Sundry’s accountants.

What is Grog attuned to?

Craven Edge, Firebrand Warhammer, and the Belt of Dwarvenkind.  Before he had Craven Edge, he was also attuned to the Bracers of Ogre Strength.

How much time do you spend on this?

Gif by @criticalrolesource

Is Vex canonically bi?

Update: We received an anonymous submission of this tweet from Laura. If that’s not canon, we don’t know what is.

So I’ve been watching the first episodes of CR and I’ve noticed that they can cast spells like Fly or Invisibility at will everytime they need it. Don’t they consume spell slots? Is this a house rule?

As far as we know, they’ve always consumed spell slots.

What are the odds of you guys cataloging every variation of “f***” used per player? ;)

We’re disinclined to publish this.

Matt said on reddit that Vex went from NG to CN. Has alignment shift happened before?

Yes, after episode 25.

Do you plan to update the Proper post?

Eventually. It hasn’t been updated in quite a while, so it, along with the other stats that require a lot of rewatching, is on the back burner. If someone would like to volunteer to rewatch to listen for those (as well as any other projects in our CurrentProjectstable), we’d be happy to have the help!

Do you plan to update your post on Percy and the twins, like the Vaxleth page has been updated?

We’ve mostly taken our hands off shipping moments, due to the mostly subjective nature of what qualifies as a “shipping moment.” As such, we rely on our volunteers to keep those up to date. If you would care to regularly update your preferred ship, let us know, and we’ll see that you’re able to edit it.

Will you update the Scanlan poop post?


What’s your most-asked question?

We don’t currently have one!  Before we released the NPC list, it was probably that.

Scanlan’s Spells/Vox Machina’s ACs/Equipment

We’re working on updating our Character Sheets, we’ll let you know when those are done.