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What locations in Tal’Dorei has Vox Machina never visited?

Lots! We can’t know for certain, since we don’t know of all of their travels pre-stream. We’ve never seen them go/heard about them going to Kymal, Fort Daxio, Emerald Outpost, Jorenn Village, Wrettis, or Drynna. Thanks to a reminder from @bestahlia- Scanlan and Pike went to Kymal in Episode 56, though we’re unsure if the rest of the group has visited.

One might say that there’s a million places they haven’t gone, but just you wait…

Do you know what app Scanlan uses to do the little musical ditties?

We don’t (but, we’re betting someone out there does!)

Does the party have a finite amount of the Dust of Tracelessness?

Their supply is infinite!

Keyleth is a Level 15 druid. How screwed are any Fire Elementals they encounter when Keyleth casts Tsunami on them? Note: I looked up the description and found that the spell creates a wave that is 300 feet long, 300 feet high, and 50 feet thick.

Considering a mere Tidal Wave overkilled the Fire Elementals in Episode 46, the exact amount of screwed the fire elementals are against Tsunami is Absolutely, Massively, Super Duper Dead.

To what items is VM currently attuned?

To the best of our knowledge:

  • Grog: Titanstone Knuckles, Belt of Dwarvenkind, Bloodaxe
  • Keyleth: Ring of Protection (+2), Circlet of Wisdom, Spellcaster Armor
  • Percy: Pike’s Sarenrae Amulet, Ring of Lightning Resistance, Gloves of Missile Snaring
  • Pike: Gauntlets of Ogre Power, Mace of Disruption, Sprinter’s Boots
  • Scanlan: Mythcarver, Acid-resistant Armor, Ioun Stone
  • Vex: Fenthras, Bracers of Archery or Ring of Protection (+2) or Coldsnap leather armor (pick two)
  • Vax: Deathwalker’s Ward, Boots of Haste, Cloak of Displacement

Are we sure the stats on Fenthras are correct? d8+dex+3+d4 gives it a theoretical max damage of 20. But in tonight’s episode Laura was doing more than that (23 on a single shot).

Yes, we’re sure because Laura read the bow’s stats on air in Episode 63 (4:08:00). Here are other ways she deals damage in addition to arrow damage:

  • Bracers of Archery (+2)
  • Hunter’s Mark
  • Sneak Attack

I know that you’re not taking full series requests anymore but, as I read on your post about Laura asking for advantage, it never hurts to ask. How many times has Travis burped?

You’re right; it didn’t hurt to ask. ;-)

Since Vax took a 2nd level in Paladin, do we know what he chose as his fighting style? I think I heard someone mention Defense being the obvious one, but I don’t really know if that’s confirmed?

We didn’t see anything in Episode 68 that confirmed anything, but we’ll keep watching.

How many days remain until Vox Machina has to be back in Draconia to keep up their end of the bargain with the Ravinites?

By our count, 10 days. However, if Matt says differently, we always defer to him.

Has any of the cast confirmed that they will be attending NYC Comic Con?

None of them have confirmed or denied anything regarding NYC Comic Con.

Episode 68

…That’s not a question. However, here are the Google search results for ‘episode 68.’

What episode and timestamp does Scanlan burn Keyleth over wasting a 6th level spell?

We’d argue that the spell in question, Wind Walk, wasn’t actually wasted. It was the first time casting it, and by having to work through its details in-game, it forced everyone to learn how it worked, what situations it would work well in, and which ones it wouldn’t.  To answer your question, however, in Episode 39 (3:11:15):

Keyleth: What if [Allura] doesn’t come? I’d be using a 6th level spell as a glorified messenger. ‘Hey, we found this scary skull.’

Scanlan: Hey, you used it yesterday for no reason.

I have a very specific question between Friday and Monday about the most recent episode of Critical Role!

We typically wait to answer a lot of questions about the most recent episode of Critical Role until after it’s uploaded to their website around 12pm Pacific Time on Mondays. This gives us the chance to rewatch the episode and log stats with correct timestamps, and critters who didn’t get to watch live/don’t have a Twitch subscription the chance to watch the episode. Rest assured, there are things in the works.