Quick Answers 31

What did you guys think of that Critical Role short film that came out a few days ago?

We’re not crying, YOU’RE crying! We <3 Critical Scope, and we’re really proud of them and the film!

What is Vax’s stealth bonus?

+15. Find that and more on our Character Sheets!

I’m wondering if there is a place to find the homebrewed spells of Mr. Matthew Mercer.

Spells? We don’t think there’s a specific place to find those. You can, however, find his Bloodhunter class, Bard College, and Gunslinger Martial Archetype over on the Dungeon Masters Guild!

When (episode and/or timestamp) did Pike gave the Death Ward necklace to Percy?

Episode 58 (3:23:28).

Do we know which pact boon Zahra took? I am assuming it is Pact of the Tome due to lack of a familiar and weapon but wondering if it is confirmed.

Nothing has been confirmed!

So, I was trying to make a campaign based on Vox Machina’s adventure and I was wondering if you guys have any information about the story that unfolded on Stillben other than what we know from the origins video.

The Critical Role Wikia is a great place to look for this kind of information!

If Asum has been a dragon this whole time, has he never been down to the room with the orb? I thought they were having meetings there at some point? And Gilmore couldn’t detect or notice this?

To be clear, Asum hasn’t been a dragon for the whole series; Raishan has been appearing as Asum since arriving in Whitestone. Vox Machina suggested that they have the table moved down; it would seem that request wasn’t honored while they were gone. And if Gilmore knows, he hasn’t said anything yet.

I’m very happy Percy is alive; however, it seems no one can really die. Pike can bring someone back if it’s been less than a century? What about Tibs? Seems death is no big deal. If a ceremony is failed, can it be retried? What does it take to fail?

To answer your questions in order:

  • Yes, but it’s expensive, and it’s coupled with Matt’s resurrection ritual, which still has the potential for failure.
  • Technically, they could certainly try, with the same caveats as above, and the added caveat that Matt confirmed to Vax that the Raven Queen already ushered Tiberius to whatever lies beyond the veil of death. Assuming they could even make contact with his soul, they would have to both succeed on the ritual AND convince his soul to return. Highly unlikely.
  • We answered your last two questions at the end of this post. Arguably, death is a much bigger deal in Critical Role because of the skill challenge aspect of each ritual and because Matt only allows for one chance at a Resurrection-type ritual before the soul is lost. Permadeath is a very real possibility.

Could you guys please post the transcript of the letter that Pat Rothfuss sent to Marisha? Could you post the transcript of Percy’s letter?

The link for both is right here!

Is Orthax truly dead now? His host is dead and he was killed in broad Daylight. What are the odds that he comes back in the future?

Orthax is certainly not truly dead. He will respawn in the Abyss, filled with a need for…vengeance. If Vox Machina opts to go to the Abyss for the Spire of Conflux, they could potentially encounter Orthax there and rid the planes of him once and for all. Or, he could go “inspire” one of the new, up-and-coming tinkerers Ripley warned Vox Machina about…

How many times was Percy shot by Ripley? I ask because it would be neat if they left scars Fist of the North Star-style.

She fired upon him 10 times, hitting 9 times:

  1. Ripley (28, 2:34:58) Pepperbox against Percy
  2. Ripley (26, 2:35:19) Pepperbox Violent Shot against Percy
  3. Ripley (Nat1, 2:35:36) Pepperbox Head Shot (Misfire)
  4. Ripley (25, 3:14:25) Violent Shot against Percy
  5. Ripley (Success, 3:16:53) Shot against Percy
  6. Ripley (Success, 3:16:59) Shot against Percy
  7. Ripley (21, 3:33:35) Pistol shot against Percy
  8. Ripley (Nat20, 3:34:07) Pistol shot against Percy
  9. Ripley (26, 3:35:33) Pistol shot against Percy
  10. Ripley (27-2 [Cutting Words], 4:11:11) Pepperbox against Percy