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Can you track the times Percy puts on the mask?

As a reminder, we no longer track stats that require an entire show rewatch. From off the tops of our heads, however, here’s what is likely an incomplete list:

  • Episode 22 (2:21:09) Walking up the volcano to get to the Fire Ashari
  • Episode 25 (3:08:35) Overkilling The Broker
  • Episode 29 (3:22:38) Killing Kerrion
  • Episode 33 (p1. 2:01:59) Killing Anders
  • Episode 60 (1:48:26) Hats Machina

This might be asking too much of a fan theory question but do we know which Oath Vax is likely to take if/when he reaches 3rd level paladin?

We’re not going to speculate because right now it could be anything or nothing. We’ll have to see what the upcoming episodes have in store!

Have the Dreamseep Marshes every been brought up?

Yes, in D&Diesel!

Do you have a compilation of info about the orb under Whitestone?

We don’t, though we’ll take it under consideration for the future.

How many times has Scanlan shrugged off help claiming that he doesn’t need it or say not to worry about him? (He has stopped doing it, I want to see when it stopped)

He got called out for it in Episode 31 (p1. 0:26:21), and we don’t remember any particular instances of him mentioning he doesn’t need help after that.

Hey, this may not be exactly a quantifiable query, but this is the only place I feel I can ask… Do we know official spelling for Gilmore’s parents’ names?

We do have an NPC List we maintain, so asking us is perfectly reasonable! We don’t have confirmed spellings for the first names of the Geddmores yet, but if we do, we’ll update with a link on the chart.

Is Percy his real first name, or is it part of his last name?

His first name is Percival, so Percy is a nickname for that.

If every time the party uses Dust of Tracelessness they use between a tablespoon and a cup(ish), how much dust have they used during the stream so far?

As a reminder, we no longer track stats that require an entire show rewatch. Our best answer would be: a whole bunch.

How many siblings did Percy have and what were their names?

The Critical Role Wikia has you covered!

How many hours of gameplay for the Critical Role campaign is there (excluding Critmas and extras) and how many days would it take to watch it all?

Check out our Running Times chart for all of that information!

Do we know Scanlan’s alignment? I thought he was a good character, but he was bullying/lying to Keeper Yennen in Ep. 70 for no reason. Not sure if that’s enough to warrant an alignment shift, but I do think it’s worse than Vex stealing Gern’s broom.

Scanlan is Chaotic Good. To be clear, Vex’s alignment didn’t change because she long-term borrowed Gern’s broom without asking. Since going Rogue and dying, her outlook on life changed, and she started making choices that leaned more neutrally. Good people don’t always make choices that specifically help others, and Good aligned creatures don’t have to be nice all the time. Alignment is one aspect to a character, but it isn’t everything about that character.