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What’s the likelihood that Raishan is Keyleth’s mother?

Zero. While it is possible for a dragon in humanoid form to mate with a humanoid, the offspring would be a Half-Dragon, which is a specific monster in the Monster Manual. Keyleth, a half-elf/half-human, looks and acts nothing like a Half-Dragon, thankfully.

What’s the likelihood that Yenk the Goristro ate Keyleth’s mother, who wielded the Spire of Conflux?

Zero. We know the name of the individual that Yenk ate, Joran the Sea-Speaker, who was hero of the Verdant Expanse. Keyleth’s mother is named Vilya. Furthermore, Joran was consumed by the goristro 400 years ago, long before Keyleth’s half-elf mother lived.

What’s the likelihood that Keyleth’s mother is the one who cursed Raishan with her last dying breath?

Zero. Raishan was cursed (if she was cursed…) by the dying druid between 50-100 years ago, and Keyleth’s mother was still alive about 20 years ago.

Is there a running list of all Perc'ahlia moments, just like the list of Vaxleth moments?

Maintained by some critter volunteers, you can find that page and other ship pages here: http://critrolestats.com/ships

Have they used or sold the +1 javelins that Grog looted from Kevdak?

Update: @char-siu-bao reminded us that Grog used three javelins in Episode 54 (3:48:17) against Umbrasyl!

Do you know what Vex and Vax’s mother’s first name is? I thought it was mentioned at one point but I can’t find it.


Doesn’t Vex have more than one favoured enemy, and didn’t Laura say ages ago that one of them was demons? So, shouldn’t she have had advantage on int and wis checks for identifying goristros?

Technically, yes, unless her Favored Enemy has changed.

What type of gun is Bad News? Muzzle-loader/Breech-loader? Smoothbore/Rifled?

It’s been described as like a sniper rifle and ‘an 8 foot long version of the gun from Munchausen.’ Taliesin said that he’s firing musket balls in the Q&A and Battle Royale episode (0:54:47). We don’t have a more specific description or official picture because Taliesin ‘likes to keep it vague so that people take liberties,’ so go nuts, guys!

Do we have any information on Ripley’s gun?

Based on what we’ve seen thus far, Animus is a refined,  +1 enchanted Pepperbox that deals 2d10 Piercing damage + 1d6 Psychic damage. On a misfire, the user takes 2d6 Psychic damage. It can be repaired with a tinkering check as an action, which we saw Ripley utilize in Episode 68 (3:13:55).

Do we have stats on the vestiges?

We do!

So, Liam sent you his item cards a while back, did anyone else do so?

Liam posted his Level 13 Rogue sheet on Twitter. Marisha just posted (after a most awesome Twitter puzzle) her card for the Spire of Conflux. Travis posted the Bloodaxe and Titanstone Knuckles cards…. Technically.

Is there a list of Open Quests for Vox Machina?  I am curious if there are several tasks or ideas they’ve had that haven’t been carried out yet (or perhaps never will be).

  • Getting the Plate of the Dawn Martyr for Pike
  • The spinning orb of death in Whitestone
  • Returning to Vasselheim to speak with Osysa about the spinning orb and the dragons
  • Returning to Vasselheim to show Groon the Titanstone Knuckles
  • Returning to Vasselheim to see if the Platinum Sanctuary can provide any aid
  • Returning Fassbender to Master Quall
  • Going to see Velora again
  • Summoning the Emon guards and Syngorian army
  • Kash’s trip to Vasselheim
  • Sending Ripley’s hand back to Marquet
  • Continuing Keyleth’s Ara Mente to the Water Ashari

In regards to Percy and the guns, would it be worth it to invest the time and money to have all his guns enchanted with dragon slaying.  If the answer is yes would there be any way to help expedite the process?  If no, why?

Definitely not, for several reasons:

  1. Animus is already enchanted, trying to add an enchantment to the entire gun (unlike The List, which had two enchantments, but on different barrels) would likely break the first enchantment. 
  2. Time- Considering it’s taken Zahra this long to enchant ONE arrow, there’s no way that one or two whole guns (Retort and Bad News) could be done before the next attack of some kind.  
  3. Money- To enchant one arrow, at the friend rate, would cost Vex 12000 gp, and Vox Machina doesn’t even have that much money, let alone enough for a weapon.