Quick Answers 34

Which oath does Lady Kima follow as a paladin?

Kima is now under the Oath of Vengeance, despite Matt’s tweet last July that she was an Oath of Devotion paladin. We’re not sure under what circumstances the switch happened, though.

Can Kima as a Halfling even wield the Holy Avenger Great Sword she was given?

Absolutely! Though the Rules as Written say that all Small creatures are at a disadvantage when wielding Heavy weapons, while still in the Underdark, Kima wielded a great sword with proficiency because, as a paladin, she is proficient with martial weapons. Further, have you seen Kima? She can scarf down chicken while doing one-handed pushups; one great sword isn’t going to give her problems.

Do we know when Matt came up with this Conclave subplot and the vestiges?

He came up with the Conclave well before the stream started (specifically, two years before it happened in real life). Vox Machina’s initial dealings with the Conclave, though they didn’t know it at the time, are covered in The Story of Vox Machina video.

If Vex shot Whisper through her bow over 60 feet and hit a target, would Vax teleport with the dagger?

We thoroughly enjoyed considering this question. Because Whisper has to be ‘thrown’ for the wielder to teleport with it, Vex shooting it wouldn’t allow for Vax to go with it.

Has anyone ever asked Matt about how much time he puts into preparing the game each week?

Most of his ‘free’ time, he’s said. He’s also mentioned that the DM typically puts in at least as many hours into preparing for a session as the session actually takes.

Are the Crystal Chateau in Marquet and Whitestone on exactly opposing sides of the world?

Not as far as we know. Marquet is in the southern central part of the Ozmit Sea between Issylra and Ta’Dorei, while Whitestone is in northern Tal’Dorei. So, while one is southern and the other is northern, they don’t match up latitudinally to be on exactly opposing sides of the world.

By how much did Critters make the sales of the ‘Into the Woods’ soundtrack increase after [Episode 72]?

I wish we had the means to answer your question, but we’re afraid we must leave you in agony. But, the way is clear, the light is good, I have no fear that, judging from the amount of fan art featuring anything can happen in the woods, sales of “Any Moment” increased this past weekend.

Do we know roughly what items, gems, gold etc vox machina is holding on to?

We don’t have the capability to track their individual gold or what they carry in the Bag of Holding, but BigTimmy053 over on Reddit has a list of known items!

How many slaps have the members of Vox Machina given to each other over the course of the show?

As a reminder, we are no longer accepting requests that require a full series rewatch.

Should Vox Machina go after the last vestige, The Plate of the Dawn Martyr?

In-game, that will largely depend on what greets them in Whitestone when they return from Draconia. Out-of-game, that will largely depend on Ashley’s availability to play in the near future.