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Do you have details for the different Mercer-created magic items like Animus, Holy Thunder Maul, etc.?

We posted what we knew about Animus here. The ‘holy’ aspect of Kima’s maul likely indicates that it could only be used by a paladin or cleric (though more likely just paladin), and the thunder indicates that it deals thunder damage in addition to bludgeoning damage. We’re not sure what else you’re looking for with that ‘etc.,’ but we do have everything we know about the Vestiges here.

How did Keyleth cast Alter Self? Did she take a level in sorcerer or wizard and I just totally missed it? Magic item?

It’s a Circle of the Moon Druid ability called Thousand Forms! She can cast it at-will. For all of Vox Machina’s spells, check out our Spells Cast chart.

When did Matt confirm Kima as an Oath of Vengeance Paladin?

When she cast Vow of Enmity against Vorugal in Episode 71 (3:19:11): “You are going to see Bahamut in pieces!”

How often do they go up levels in their multi class?

When the player levels, they can choose to go up in either of their classes. They don’t go up in either class any faster or slower than the other.

Did Grog level up? He said his AC was 20, but the sheet says 19.

He leveled at Episode 67, so it’s way too soon for Grog to have leveled again. We’re unsure how his AC is 20, or even 19, to be honest, based on the items in his possession and his Unarmored Defense of 10 + Con (+5) + Dex (+2).

Do you happen to know approximately how much ammunition Percy typically carries on him for all of his firearms?

We know what he’s made thanks to tinkering checks in the past, but as for how much of that he carries on his person, we don’t know.

How long does it take to travel from Emon to Kymal? I’m basically asking how large Exandria is using travel time as a metric.

Everything we know about relative distances in Exandria we put in this post about two weeks ago.

What healing items can VM purchase and how strong are they?

  • Potion of Common Healing: 2d4+2
  • Potion of Greater Healing: 4d4+4
  • Potion of Superior Healing: 8d4+8
  • Potion of Supreme Healing: 10d4+20

When during episode 70 did Vex introduce her plan to have Yenk fight Vorugal?

Episode 70 (1:12:45).

On your character sheets, the spells are generated with some card format. Where can I go to download the format?

They were created in Photoshop for us by the illustrious @fmacanadaguy.

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